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Tabula Rasa Guide to Rangers Update

Posted Tue, Aug 05, 2008 by Taea

So you think you got what it takes to be an AFS Ranger in Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa, huh? Were you the best person at hide and seek as a kid? Do you hide randomly in your home just for the practice? If so, this Tabula Rasa class may be exactly what you are looking for. The Ranger skills, which are a quiet and deadly part of the Tier 3 class selection, bring an unusual role to the battlefield. Typically not providing skills meant for close quarters battle, the Ranger depends on stealth and combat support in the form of summoned soldiers and air strikes.

This is probably hands down the coolest ability Rangers get providing the power to call in an air strike at any time cutting a path of destruction. The unfortunate side of Carpet Bombing is that the strikes not only take a few seconds to land, but cut a straight line providing only a small radial AE. When aligned properly however this can be devastating to a large crowd of hostiles. The more pumps you put in this skill the more area your air strikes will cover.


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