Daily Tip:Though large pirate corporations generally monopolize "chokepoint" systems that connect high-sec with null-sec, it is still quite possible to camp their hangouts during off times.

EVE Online - Questioning an Outlaw

Posted Tue, Aug 05, 2008 by Morvelaira

Fear the dreaded Veto Corps

CEO Ethan Verone of Veto Corps is an old school pirate in every sense of the word. Except, you know, in space. As many of the "pirate" corporations in EVE Online gravitate towards territorial boundries and open warfare included by the entrance of realms to EVE Online, Veto Corps stands solidly behind their freedom to plunder who they like, when they like.

What sent you down the long path of piracy you've followed so far? Was there a certain incident that lured you into a criminal career?

The dark side of New Eden is what always drew me to the game. Right from the outset you're thrown into a very dark, almost sadomasochistic world with cut-throat politics and no real sense of self importance.

For the full interview with Ethan Verone, please check here.


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