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Sanctum of the Burning Souls Quest Guide

Updated Fri, Aug 29, 2008 by Martuk

Sanctum of the Burning Souls Quest Guide

The Sanctum of the Burning Souls is a 6-man dungeon nestled far to the east in the Wild Lands of Zelata. Intended for players ranging from level 37 to 39, there are a number of quests scattered across Hyboria that involve this treacherous place, and here we document them all for you. Just be sure to bring a group with you, lest you be killed by the Drowned Ones!

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Quest Name
Starting NPC
Quest Details

"The Woman Who Never Died"

Inside the Outflow Tunnels by reading the diary of Princess Akivasha

Kill Princess Akivasha.
(700, 290)

Apotheosis of Pain

Apotheosis of Hate

73 copper, 34 tin

"Fetching Fungi"

In Tesso with Teltus the Alchemist

Gather various ground spawns. These all grow up front around the spiders and drowned ones.

73 copper, 34 tin

"Immortal Acheron"

Wild Lands of Zelata with Zelata.

Kill the Acheronian Warlord
(964, 131)

Spellbane Mantle

86 copper, 15 tin

"Tearing the Veil"

Wild Lands of Zelata with Zelata.

Kill 10 Drowned Ones near coordinates (200, 220). They can be found near the entrance.

Kill 2 Acheronian Spirits near coordinates (928, 129).

Ghostripper Gauntlets

Shadowscorn Heavy Gaunlets

Spirit Purge Gloves

79 copper, 95 tin

"Rusty Courage"
In Tesso with Maxus the Drunk
Recover the ancestral sword (809, 317) found beyond the locked gates going to the Warlord.

76 copper, 10 tin

"The Sanctity of Slaughter"

In the Sanctum with Melkar

Retrieve the chalice from the boss mob The Vengeful Drowned One (62, 300). Cleanse the sacrificial altar (105, 423) found around to the north and up the stairs past the black ring soldiers. This will spawn the Ancient Dark Beast.


70 copper, 14 tin

"Lifting the Curse"

In Wild Lands of Zelata with Zelata after amongst the Fabio line of quests.

Place the scroll upon the altar (74, 78) just inside the entrance to the Sanctum.

47 copper, 67 tin

A Spirit Chained

In the Sanctum with Melkar

After speaking with Melkar and completing the quest "Lifting the Curse", destroy the statue to free his soul. The statue (958, 94) is found beyond the locked gates and near the Acheronian Warlord.

58 copper 66 tin


|Boss Strategies| |Sanctum Map|


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