Star Trek Online Fan Q&A - STO in Three Years?

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Star Trek Online lives, and it’s coming to us in at least three years time, if not sooner. That information is according to Jack Emmert, Cryptic Studios’ chief creative officer, who delivered a thorough Q&A session with fans after his presentation at the annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. The fans at the show asked a huge assortment of questions – everything from the age restrictions of the game to whether there will be PvP – and Emmert fired away at all the questions, resulting in an incredibly informative display. If you haven’t seen the top eight gameplay details or the official gameplay trailer, make sure you go check them out!

Are you going to stay true to the feel of Star Trek and give players the feeling of really being in the Star Trek universe of just put a Star Trek skin on it?

Jack: Obviously we’re going to stay very true to the Star Trek universe. It is very important that we don’t just make this a typical MMORPG and wrap this into the IP. We’d probably sell units that way, but that’s why we’re including things like exploration as a major part of the gameplay. We’re pretty obsessed about it.

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