BlizzCon Tickets Now On Sale! + Updates

By David Piner -

BlizzCon tickets went on sale earlier today.

Tickets for BlizzCon 2008 are now available for USD $100 each. BlizzCon will take place October 10-11 in Anaheim, California -- head over to the official site for more information or to place your BlizzCon ticket order. We look forward to meeting some of you at the show!

Then we had an update...

This morning, we experienced some technical difficulties with ticket sales for BlizzCon. Please be aware that no tickets were sold during the service interruption. If you reached the confirmation screen but did not receive an email receipt, the order did not go through.

We have found and addressed the source of this morning's issues, and ticket sales are now functioning correctly (though extremely high traffic volumes may still result in occasional delays). We'd like to apologize for the inconveniences caused by these issues, and to thank you for your patience as we resolved them.

Then another update.

Due to continued extreme demand for BlizzCon tickets, the Blizzard Store is experiencing slowdowns. We appreciate your patience as we continue to optimize the Store to handle the ongoing load of purchase requests. For continuing updates on sales availability, please visit the World of Warcraft forums here.

We'll keep you updated as things advance!

Purchase your BlizzCon tickets here!

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