Online Golf Game Albatross18 Gets Olympic Fever

Posted Wed, Aug 13, 2008 by Medeor

Golf Game Albatross18 gets into the Olympic Spirit.

OGPlanet has announced that players buying Mr. eCards for their fantasy based online golf game Albatross 18 will have a chance at receiving Olympic-themed items. The special items for character-based sets feature gymnastics, tennis, baseball and equestrian uniforms. These are limited time opportunities and for those new to the Mr. eCard system, here is some additional information from the press release:

Mr. eCards are in-game scratch cards that reward players with randomly selected, high level prizes. New, extremely rare items are periodically made available through Mr. eCard. These items can only be won through Mr. eCard and are only available until the next item is introduced.

Find out more information about OGPlanet and Albatross18 as well as the Mr. eCard system at OGPlanet.


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