Saga Of Ryzom Mostly Back!

Posted Thu, Aug 14, 2008 by Morvelaira

Must have had a real good healer with them

While it's been a long journey, Saga of Ryzom has done what not many MMOs before it have - resurrected. When the company that developed Ryzom went bankrupt, the servers had shut down, and the IP sold as the company liquidated. Now, after much toil and hard work, it seems as if the new company has brought the game back.

Indeed, the servers are now running once again, and all players who had accounts in good standing at the server shutdown (including trial accounts) are welcome to come back and play. If you weren't a subscriber before, you'll have to wait a little bit longer until it's open to the public.

These past weeks we also re-opened the servers to our former Ryzom subscribers to thank them all for their patience with a totally free VIP access and as we are very happy with how this VIP phase progressed we have now decided to expand the access to our servers to everybody who already had an active account, free trial included. Yes, even if you previously only had a free trial you can now once more log into Ryzom for free with all your stored characters! The only restrictions still applied to the free trial accounts will be the level cap and the geographical limitation to the starter island "Ruins of Silan", but these restrictions will not last long either! We will keep you posted on all of this when the time comes.

ATTENTION for those of you waiting to step onto Atys for the first time, please don't forget that we are still in a re-launch and testing phase. This means that Ryzom is still closed to newcomers as the creation of new accounts is not yet permitted. If you don't already have an active Ryzom account you won't be able to play Ryzom yet.

Don't worry though, we plan to reopen the account activation pages shortly; once again, we will let you know as soon as it happens.

For more information, and to keep an eye on when you can create a Ryzom account, please check the Saga of Ryzom Official Site.


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