STO vs. KOTOR Online - The Ultimate Sci-Fi Showdown

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While WAR may be looming on the horizon, many eyes have already pulled away from the upcoming fantasy-based MMOG to focus squarely on two science fiction contenders that are now actively being discussed in the MMOG marketplace, Cryptic's Star Trek Online and Bioware's Knights of the Old Republic Online. The rivalry between these two factions is epic, and the release of these two MMOGs will only add fuel to the fire. To stir the pot a bit more, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye pointed out several key differences that may attract or repel gamers to the two titles. Go read the articles, then head back to the forums to discuss your own thoughts!

Without this magical fantasy element, Star Trek diverges even further from its rival and every other MMOG on the market. Even other sci-fi massively multiplayer online games like Tabula Rasa and Anarchy Online use their own versions of "magic" to help their characters have a variety of abilities. Without their own "magical realism", Star Trek will stand alone as a true science fiction game without the smallest bit of fantasy involved. Although this will set STO apart, it will also hold Star Trek Online to it's own standard; a pinnacle for true sci-fi games to aspire to.

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