Chaos Chosen Guide

Chaos Chosen Guide

Overview: Few understand what it means to give your life in service to Tzeentch, the Raven God. To truly be one of the favored amongst the bringer of change's army grants you immense power, at only the cost of your soul. The Chosen lead the Chaos armies into battle with themselves at the front. With the ability to take a lot of damage, cause a decent amount of damage, and the myriad different Auras of power granted to them by Tzeentch, the Chaos Chosen are truly a force to be reckoned with. The effects of their auras set the Chosen apart from other fighters. From auras that buff the rest of the parties damage and resistances to auras that heal the Chosen himself, there are a host of different effects you can chose from depending on the situation.

  • The ability to take lots of damage with an above average amount of hit points.
  • The ability to deal more damage than other tanks on average.
  • Auras that cause different effects such as buffing or damage.
  • Lack of ranged attacks makes fighting from a distance effectively impossible.
  • Lifetap aura doesn't heal for enough to offset combat damage.
  • Weak against ranged damage classes.

Chaos Chosen Quick Info
Faction: Destruction
Race: Chaos
Role: Tank with group buffs
Armor: Heavy (Plate armors), Shields
Primary Weapons: Swords, Axes
Primary Stats: Strength, Toughness
Mythic's Official Chaos Chosen Description

"My name? Long ago, such worthless details fell from memory. I know only the lust for glorious battle - for blood, for victory! I seek only the Eye of Tzeentch - his favour, his grace, his Dark Gifts - that through them, I may be remade - reborn! Why do we raid your lands? Why do we burn your homes? Why do we flay your flesh? To serve the Lord of Change and his magnificent designs."
- An unknown Chosen of Tzeentch

A Chosen Champion of Tzeentch is a sight to behold - warped by the blessings of the dark gods, these hulking behemoths have the power and size to match even the mightiest of mortal creatures. Their thick Chaos armor can ward off the most punishing of blows, while the fell weapons they wield can cleave the heaviest of defenses. However, these "blessings" come at a price - the Chosen is beholden to Tzeentch, and must constantly strive to earn his favor. For the Chosen of Tzeentch this means more than mere slaughter and death. In order to earn the grace of the Changer of Ways, the Chosen must apply guile and trickery as much as brute force. Only through careful planning and deliberate carnage can a Chosen of Tzeentch truly find the favor of their god.

PvE Overview

The Chaos Chosen is hard to beat in PvE play. With their high tolerance for damage and ability to enhance their DPS through their different auras, they tend to solo quickly and effectively. Their abilities are derived from their auras, which they can use to either enhance their ability to resist damage, resist effects, or even afford them self minor heals during combat.

While in a group, the Chosen can stand out as a huge asset to the team. Their ability to buff the team through their auras allows the group a chance to increase their DPS or their resists. With the power of their auras generating extra hate to increase the taunts they already have, a Chosen shouldn't have too much trouble keeping the DPS classes out of trouble.

RvR Overview

The Chaos Chosen's chosen mode of combat is up close and personal. The combination of their ability to soak damage, do a decent amount of damage, and the effects of a their auras make the Chosen a hard foe to bring down. However, beware the ranged DPS classes. If they can draw a bead on you, they'll light you up. If you catch it soon enough however, you should be able to confront them before you die and that's where you shine. Let's face it, for a Chosen of Tzeentch, nothing is quite as fun as beating up on a cloth wearer trying to defend themselves in vain. Healers are your BFF's (best friends forever) and with a dedicated healer you go from being a pain to an outright unstoppable machine.

Chosen Abilities  |  Chosen Masteries

Chaos Chosen Mastery Paths
"Path of DreadA This Path of Mastery focuses on increasing your DPS, which makes it potentially both sick AND wrong. In order to travel the path of "Chosen the Destructor" you will need to abandon your shield in favor of a two handed weapon, so you do sacrifice some protection in order to deal out more of the hurt.

Path of Corruption:  A This Path of Mastery focuses on being able to take the beating and outlast your foes. This is the path that allows you to be like Marv from Sin City ("Is that all you've got?!") and take an inhuman beating. These abilities allow you to define the battle lines because you ARE the battle lines.

Path of DiscordA This Path of Mastery focuses on the use of your auras. Tzeentch's gifts aren't wasted on the foolish and the Chosen who walk this path will be able to utilize their gifts in ways that other Chosen only dream of. From enhancing your melee attacks to unleashing blasts of magical power, this is the Caster Tank's path of choice.

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