KOTOR Online Editorial - Mandalorians: The True Warrior Culture

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In the present age of the world, warrior cultures are practically extinct. But in the Knights of the Old Republic timeline in the Star Wars universe, the Mandalorians exist as the perfect example of that type of society. Continuing his series of KOTOR Online editorials, Cody "Micajah" Bye explores the role of Mandalorians in an online world and how they might be thought of by a potential player base. If you're looking to blow crap up, the Mandalorians are there for you!

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The Mandalorians were not always at odds with the Jedi, however, as Canderous Ordo fought side-by-side with the redeemed Revan and later the Jedi Exile as he took the mantle of Mandalore and eventually become Mandalore the Preserver. In fact, Ordo is entirely responsible for any of the Mandalorians that exist in the post-KOTOR timeline, for the Jedi Knights had destroyed almost all of the Mandalorian remnants to insure that nothing like the Mandalorian Wars would ever happen again.

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