ArchLord: Pre-Order Packs Announced

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Get Your Pre-Order Pack Today!

This just can now pre-order ArchLord and receive free goodies for doing so!

Breaking News - ArchLord pre-order packs are now available to pre-order from GameStop(tm)


Yes, you did indeed read that right. ArchLord pre-order packs are available to pre-order from GameStop™ and EB Games™. So head on over to GameStop™ by clicking here and be one of the first to pre-order ArchLord. As a reward for your early interest you will find that your pack contains a number of cool items; a key to obtain one of four exclusive in game items, stickers, cool art postcards and an exclusive soundtrack CD.

Fellow Europeans, do not worry; we are finalising details of the European pre-order campaign as we speak.

I hope to hear lots of you have pre-ordered, so go forth and order!


What are you waiting for? Get clicking and get your pre-order today! Can't wait for ArchLord to launch? Tell us about it right here in the forums at Ten Ton

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