Canipes Interview at MMO Portal

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Cripes! It's Canipes!

While "canapes" are pieces of fried bread on which high-falutin' spreads are served as appetizers, "Canipes" is the most recently announced MMO project from Evil Grin Studios. MMO Portal has the scoop:

One thing I’d like to express is that Canipes will be a game which breaks with the sad history of latest online games. More and more successful game concepts are being duplicated and sold as new titles. In fact, that’s extremely frustrating for ambitioned gamers like we all are. Real innovations and inventions do not get any chance because no company invests in ideas without similar successful references. That’s exactly where we see our place on the market: we are players, too – we have the ideas how to improve playing – and we realize them, for us and for the big community of online gamers.

Innovation is cool, but after reading this interview several times - I didn't see much that struck me as unique. Nevertheless, read up on Canipes at MMO Portal.

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