Myth War II: Your Luxury House Awaits

Posted Mon, Aug 25, 2008 by Medeor

Myth War II offers home upgrades that don't require six trips to Gnome Depot.

According to Myth War II, any new couple can choose either a warm hut or a luxurious house to call their home. Now I'm no Better Homes and Garden subscriber, but my guess is that a luxurious house will be nicer than a warm hut, but you never know.

According to IGG, players need only go to Blython gate and fine the Chief Manager and ask for a teleport to your new home. Each home is pre-stocked with many things you will need to start your new life together. However if you want to upgrade your home, you will have ample opportunities through the Home Upgarder which offers luxury options. Here is the kicker, Chamberlaines are available to keep everything nice and tidy for you. I wish I could hire one for my real life house using in game currency, or would that be against the EULA?

For this and all of the latest additions, go to Myth War II and bring a copy of Martha's magazine for ideas.

Myth War II offers home upgrades that don't require six trips to Gnome Depot.

Mon, Aug 25, 2008

IGG announces new opportunities for Zu Online and Myth War II.

Earn extra XP, real money and IGG credits for playing and promoting some of IGG's online games.

Fri, Jul 18, 2008

It's Open!

With the launch of open beta test, Myth War Ⅱ team with today announce the opening of their in-game item mall and wonderful relevant events.

Fri, Jun 27, 2008

Special events all summer long!

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Wed, Jun 25, 2008

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