Video: The WAR Booth Show from Leipzig GC 2008

Not just the usual song and dance...

Not just the usual song and dance...

Though we'd take the usual song and dance any day from these guys over any number of booth demos. It's the Warhammer Online booth show, live from Leipzig Games Conference 2008. Well, it is, almost; just add the booth and a couple hundred screaming WAR fans. Rather than fighting our way into the WAR booth to see the live show, Warhammer Online Senior Producer Jeff Hickman and Creative Director Paul Barnett did a dry run just for the press.

You know that it's going to be entertaining, but is there anything more they can possibly show us at this point? The answer turns out to be an absolute yes, as we get our first real peak at the new WAR trailer!

Check out the WAR booth show filmed live at Leipzig GC 2008, only at WAR - Ten Ton Hammer!

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