WoW Upstaged by Nancy Drew

Posted Tue, Aug 26, 2008 by Medeor

Nancy Drew "pwns" WoW?

According to the NPD Group, Nancy Drew has topped the PC sales charts for July. You read that right, Nancy Drew. Take your Spore Creature Creator, Call of Duty 4 and all World of Warcraft titles and go sit in the corner, you've been upstaged by an adventure game. Granted, people have been lining up for the 18th installment in the series (yes there are 17 other Nancy Drew titles if you want to catch up).

I guess the eternal question of "Is there a WoW killer" has been answered. And answered by a teenage girl, at least for the month of July. My money is on WoW for longevity and I think that is smart money (how is that for brave prognostication?). WoW still has three of the top ten spots and four if you count the legacy lore material in Wacraft III. Age of Conan rounds out the last (and only other) MMO in the poll at #15 (very respectable).

See the rest of the top twenty games for July at PC World.

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