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In a post-apocalyptic world it is always handy to have a good-looking woman around, and if that woman is armed to the teeth, even better. Fallen Earth is a game in alpha testing that takes place in just such a world. As mentioned in a recent interview, the artwork and models have received graphical upgrades. Among the new makeovers, were the frumpy women of Fallen Earth. Ten Ton Hammer has snagged the screenshots of the new models and put them below, along with their old counterparts for comparison. The top row are the old character models. Directly below them, are the new and improved versions.

From the official website:

In an announcement today, Fallen Earth released the final round of female character developments, including upgrades with re-texturized armor and clothing and advanced rendering techniques such as per-pixel lighting and specular highlights. With male character developments completed in mid-July and a tentative content complete date in mid-September, this is another sign for MMO gamers worldwide that the Apocalypse is indeed coming.

“We provide the best experience for our fans by giving players many high quality choices for customizing their characters as much as they like,” said Steve Coyle, Art Director for the independent LLC. “We also want to make game play as real as possible, and our characters have to reflect that.”

Using up-to-date rendering techniques, artists have modeled muscular and skeletal systems more accurately, and with the use of per-pixel lighting, shade and shadow provide a new level of 3D realism. With a toned-down, post-Apocalyptic color palette, female characters are more representative of the 2154 sexy super-soldier they were intended to be.

Female character upgrades follow the series of adjustments made to male counterparts last month, including anatomical updates, equipment, and customization options for faces, hairstyles and tattoos among other things. Players will also look forward to a wide array of faction-oriented bolt-ons, currently in concept phase.

New models represent a variety of snapshots of player advancement, from basic clothing and salvaged weapons all the way up to advanced armor plating and sub-machine guns. All of the individual pieces, from thigh plates to belts to boots, can be mixed and matched, enabling players to create uniform looks or more chaotic outfits. The only question left? What will you wear to the Apocalypse?

The Old Fallen Earth Female Character Models:

The New Fallen Earth Female Character Models:

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