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WAR: Empire Public Quests Chapter 2

Updated Thu, Dec 18, 2008 by Taea

nordpq2 Empire Public Quests: Chapter 2

Uncle Werner? Are you alive?

Werner's eyes blinked open and he looked about, confused. Slowly, the old peasant raised himself from the ground, straining against the weight of his chainmail shirt. Looking up, he smiled to see the face of his nephew, Gustav.

I'm all in one piece, then?" said the old man, surprised. "When I saw them Northmen comin’ for me with their black swords, I thought I were a salted cod for sure."

All able-bodied men from the local villages had been summoned to the Grey Lady Inn by order of the Elector Count. There, under the direction of the Order of the Griffon, officers in the Nordland army were organizing the conscripts into regiments. Just as the unit had been preparing to march northward, a band of marauding Northmen attacked the coaching inn. The assault had been beaten back, but not without casualties.

“You two! Return to the ranks at once!” The voice was that of Captain Lankdorf, the officer in charge of assembling the ragtag band of farmers and shepherds into a fighting force. He was riding about and barking orders to the commoners, ignoring the curses they uttered under their breath. A younger officer approached him on foot and saluted.

‘Sir! We have reports that scattered bands of Norse invaders have attacked several of the local farms. Fires have broken out and the peasants are asking for help.”

Captain Lankdorf sighed. “Form a detachment, Sergeant, and move quickly to put those fires out. If you find any more of these raiding parties, put them to the sword.”

‘There’s more, Captain. Our main force to the north has met the enemy at New Emskrank. General Breuer is calling for reinforcements.”

‘Very well, Sergeant. Take your men and get those fires under control.” As the Sergeant ran to carry out his order, Captain Lankdorf turned to face the mob of farmers behind him.

“You are now the Grimmenhagen Irregulars, in the service of the Elector Count Theoderic Gausser. Arm yourselves and prepare to march!”

Werner noticed that his nephew's hands were trembling.

"There now, lad. Put your faith in Sigmar, and 'e'll look after you."

Gustav managed a smile. "Thank you, Uncle. Sigmar willing, maybe we'll win the day."

Chapter 2: The Muster of Nordland

Rally Master: Werner Fassbinder in Grey Lady Coaching Inn

Influence Rewards:
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing  Potions
-Advanced: Body Piece or Gloves
-Elite: Green Weapon or Belt

Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff (Easy)

Location: West of Grey Lady Coaching Inn, at 10718, 21588

Stage I: Kill 30 Norse Raiders and 50 Norse Ravagers. These rank 4 mobs are spread all throughout the area surrounding the castle. Continue west and then south along the path to find more. Raiders are more prevalent in the Southern areas.

Stage II: Claim the Skulltaker Banner and the Banner of Lostsight - 10 Minutes. The Southern upper areas of the castle contain two camps, each with their own special guards protecting a banner. Start with the camp the furthest south and at the highest elevation, where the Banner of Lostsight is found. Pergris Lostsight and his Ragelord companions will do everything they can to stop you from claiming their flag. Next, move to the Northern camp to find Faar Skulltaker and more Ragelords guarding the Skulltaker Banner. Defeat this team, and step back to prepare for the next step.

Stage III: Defeat Fjeldrin the Savage - 10 Minutes. This final boss spawns where the Skulltaker banner guards were defeated. This is a Hero class mob and he brings a healer with him, so make sure your group is prepared. Defeating Fjeldrin will complete the PQ, with the chest dropping right at the steps of the building.

Loot: 2 Green Loot Bags and 1 White Loot Bag

The Burning Windmill (Normal)

Location: North of Grey Lady Coaching Inn, at 17635, 21892

Stage I: Kill 50 Seeker Horrors. Within the crumbling, low stone wall ringing the windmill, groups of the wildly-colored horrors wait to be killed. A group will plow through this section easily. Anyone killing solo will find standing on the platform of the windmill a safe place to range pull the monsters, one by one.

Stage II: Kill 6 Seeker Cultists - 10 Minutes. Finally the Magi become enraged that their creations are being attacked, and they begin to fight back. The Magi are Champions, as are the Flamers they spawn. Coordinate your group well, to make sure you all stay together here.

Stage III: Kill Baruun the Seeker and Volkryth Flamecaller - 10 Minutes. Two Hero class mobs are the final step of this Public Quest. Volkryth appears at the base of the steps heading up to the windmill, along with a Champion class Flamer. Baruun walks around the mill, staying on the upper deck. Range pull Volkryth to your group to avoid bring Baruun in to the fight at the same time.

Loot: 2 Blue Loot Bags, 3 Green Loot Bags and 3 White Loot Bags

The Norse Are Coming! (Hard)

Location: North of Grey Lady Coaching Inn, at 12780, 11731

Stage I: Kill 40 Sea Dogs, Destroy 14 Supplies, Burn 4 Tents. The majority of this portion of the PQ will be completed along the eastern shoreline. Run around killing the Norse Sea Dogs that are invading the area, smash a bunch of barrels, and set fire to their tents.

Stage II: Burn 4 Norse Boats and Kill 8 Pluderers - 6 Minutes. This part can be a little confusing. In order to burn the boats (2 on the western shore, and 2 on the east) you must retrieve a lit torch from the Order camp on the hill, then use the torch from the Quest tab of your backpack once you are on the ship. Everyone can grab a torch to carry around, or one person will have to keep running back and forth to the ships. Along the way you will kill the Champion class Plunderers.

Stage III: Protect the Griffon Sea Watch. There are 8 friendly NPCs at the top of the hill that you must protect. To survive this stage, there must be at least one of these NPCs left standing at the end. The ships of invaders will all beach themselves in the same spot; the central area on the shoreline. Your group needs to aggro every invader that lands, in order to keep them from sneaking up the hill to attack the friendly Griffons. Anyone with an AOE attack is ideal for this area, as they can grab as many of the invaders as possible. You must continue to defend from oncoming waves of invaders, until the timer runs out.

Stage IV: Defeat Hralgar the Kraken. This guy is a Hero class, of course, and comes with several Champion guards. He will appear in the same area the previous waves landed. It's best to get the Champions beaten down first, while a tank keeps the Hero in one place. Watch the timer here, of course, as you only have a few minutes to take the Kraken down.

Loot: 2 Purple Loot Bags, 1 Blue Loot Bag, 2 Green Loot Bags and 3 White Loot Bags

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