Exclusive Jeff Hickman WAR Blog from PAX - The Hickman Returns

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Ten Ton Hammer gave you Josh Drescher's E3 Blog. Ten Ton Hammer went the extra mile to give you the chance to read Paul Barnett's blog from Comic-Con. Now to complete the triumvirate, Ten Ton Hammer is proud to present our exclusive Warhammer Online blog from the Penny Arcade Expo, which has been written by Executive Producer Jeff Hickman! While Josh and Paul attempted to get your favor with epic stories and moments of humor, Jeff has pulled out all the stops and gives you straight up WAR info along with his blog. If that wasn't exciting enough, Jeff has also promised to read and respond to any direct questions we receive in the Ten Ton Hammer forums! Need more? Make sure you check back in tomorrow for the continuation of our exclusive Jeff Hickman WAR Blog from PAX!

As for PAX itself? It should be absolutely incredible. The show has a lot going for it, and is growing to be “the” North American show to go to and be at as a game developer. And we couldn’t ask for better timing. WAR is three weeks to launch and counting, our game is riding high on very positive beta reviews, our presales are through the roof, we have hit the mark with the game and PAX is the final leg on our world tour – our last place to show off before we launch. It is going to be awesome!

To read the rest of Jeff Hickman's WAR blog, click here!
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