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Rune Priest
Rune Priest Dwarf Rune Priest Guide

Overview:  Don't ever let a dwarf hear you call his healing ability "magic." The art of rune marking is a long studied skill that the Dwarfs hold close to their own. With their rune marking, armor and weapons of the Rune Priest and his allies become enhanced; damaged armor becomes more resilient, a swing of a sword burns through the enemy. Marking a party member not only buffs their natural abilities, it can also give them an extra "spell" they can activate themselves as needed. Runes ensure that depleted health can be returned, and the dead returned to the battlefield.

A Rune Priest can choose how he will spend his time in battles. Staying in the rear with the lighter armored casters, he maintains the buffs he marked his comrades with before the battle, and uses his wide range of heals to keep everyone alive. His art provides for several longer ranged attacks as well. However, the strength he gains by rune marking himself makes him ready to jump to the front, weilding his massive rune staff with studied skill.

  • Many strong heals; direct and heal over time
  • Strong buffs and damage wards
  • In combat resurrection
  • Some heals need time to power up
  • Medium armor can't withstand direct assault for long
  • Few damage spells

Rune Priest Quick Info
Faction: Order
Race: Dwarf
Role: Healer
Armor: Medium, Rune Inscribed
Primary Weapon: Staff
Primary Stat: Willpower
Mythic's Official Rune Priest Description

"This is the las’ time I’m goin’ to say this – runes are NO’ magic! Magic is fer silly buggers in robes and poin’y ‘ats! Do you see a poin’y ‘at on me lad?"

– Grumhilde, Venerable Rune Sage

Dwarfs don’t go in for magic. Like so many things embraced by humans and their allies it’s just much too new-fangled and unreliable, at least from the Dwarfen point of view. Now runes on the other hand, that’s a whole different story. Runes have an old power. Their carving is a ritual so refined that the results are as expected as rocks rolling down hill. The keepers of this art are the Runepriests, adepts and sages who spend their lives learning the language of runes. With their craft they can create effects of stunning power, accosting their foes with the power of the earth itself. They can also harden their allies against the most damaging of attacks, and heal their wounds.

PvE Overview

A Rune Priest is primarily a healer and supportive class, and will cautiously enter a battle situation on his own. One on one, his buffs and varied heals can keep him alive for quite some time, while his damaging spells and heavy Staff work to tear the enemy down. Maintaining the runes that protect the priest is key, to avoid having to run a quick retreat. Several of the Rune Priest's heals rely on time to set up and build up, so several large and quick attacks can prove problematic.
RvR Overview

This Dwarf is a huge aid to any group or warband. Left free to practice his specialty of bolstering and maintaining his buffs and heals, he is truly a force to be reckoned with. The in combat resurrection ability means fallen allies can be brought back in their same position quickly, keeping the integrity of the battle's front lines. A Rune Priest's staff and his few damaging attack spells create a light DPS addition to the group as well.

Rune Priest Mastery Paths

Path of Grungni:  A master of this path focuses on powerful and direct effects, learning to both restore his allies and smite his enemies with equal skill. The path of Grungni is for those who prefer to focus on a single target at a time, be they friend or foe, and unleash powerful effects upon them.

Path of Valaya:  An arguably more subtle mastery, the path of Valaya is focused on effects which continue to linger after they've been invoked. A master of this path prefers to stick to tested, tried, and true slow-and-steady abilities, whether he's building up his allies' strength until they become unstoppable, or whether he's grinding his enemies down with inevitable and unescapable doom.

Path of Grimnir:  This path is concerned with runes which affect large, sweeping areas as they unleash their innate power. A specialist in this path is an expert at changing the ebb and tide of combat by either bolstering his allies' entire front line, or by sending vast swaths of crushing power across the enemy masses.

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