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The Penny Arcade Expo may be over, but there's still plenty of information left to be garnered from the show. Case in point, the last segment of Jeff Hickman's exclusive WAR blog series has been posted, which features a large number of questions our readers posed to the Warhammer Online executive producer. It was a monstrous list, but the Hickman did not disappoint and answered twenty of the inquiries that sprang up via the forums. Along with the questions, Hickman also pointed out a few of the more interesting moments from PAX, including his encounter with the seven foot tall WAR fan. Enjoy!

QUESTION: I am curious what the Warhammer team thinks about the initial character balance?

I think we are in a great place actually. There are still some kinks to work out, but we are hitting very close to home at this point. We will, of course, pay very close attention to this and continue to tweak as needed.

Although the blog has reached its conclusion, we'd like to encourage all of our readers to continue posing questions to the Warhammer Online staff on the thread originally started by Mr. Hickman's blog. We're constantly doing interviews with the crew from Mythic, and we always enjoy it when we can gather questions up from the individuals that really matter: the fans!

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