WAR: Dwarf Chapter 1 Public Quests


Dwarf Public Quest Chapter 1

Dwarf cannons boomed, the thunderous noise echoing in the vast underground chamber. On the opposite side of the great ravine that divided the stone cavern, a dozen Orcs were blasted apart. A dozen more charged forward to take their place, and the Greenskins returned fire with a volley of flaming arrows.

All throughout the Bitterstone Mine, the Dwarfs clashed with their hated enemies. The Orcs had attacked before, but never in such numbers. After years of fighting to defend their ancient hold, it seemed that the Bitterstone Clan had finally met its doom, and the mine would once again fall to the Greenskins as it had done millenia ago.

Suddenly, a great cry echoed throughout the mine. "For the High King!"

Hargin Furenson held up a hand to silence the cannons. The sound he had heard was that of a great throng of Dwarfs, far more than were in the Bitterstone Mine right now.

A dozen Dwarfs clad in burgundy and silver charged into the cavernous mine chamber. They rushed to the ledge and drew handguns, and the Orc Arrer Boyz on the other side of the ravine were cut down by a hail of bullets.

When the battle was over, Hargin approached the newcomers.

"I'm grateful for your help, but I don't recognize your livery. Tell me, who are ye?"

In answer, one of the burgundy-clad Dwarfs stepped forward. "I am General Rordin Ironmane of the Oathbearers, and by order of the High King, we're here to collect what Bitterstone ore ye've mined and ship it back to Karaz-a-Karak."

Hargin mopped sweat from his brow. "Ore we have, but the mines'll need to be secured first. These chuffin' Orcs and Goblins are pouring in from all corners."

"Aye," answered the General. "First things first, then."

"There is another matter," said Hargin quietly. "The Dwarfs of Clan Bitterstone have fought for years to reclaim this mine, and many have lost their lives here. That ore is precious to us, an' the High King is a long way from here."

The General nodded. "Aye, my grandsire knew Durak Bitterstone. He was a right honorable Dwarf."

General Ironmane held his weapon high in the air, and spoke in a loud, booming voice so that all would hear. "I swear upon me old da's beard that the Oathbearers will aid the Dwarfs of the Bitterstone Clan to reclaim this land that is rightfully theirs!"

The assembled company cheered loudly, banging their hammers upon the ground for emphasis.

"And I," answered Hargin, "swear upon Grungni's great golden hammer that the Dwarfs of the Bitterstone Clan will do our part to aid the High King in this time of war!"

Another, louder cheer followed.

"Now," said the General, "let's get to work on these greenskins!"


CHAPTER 1: Assault on Bitterstone Mine

Frost Peak

Location: Just north of the Bridge Leaving the Dwarf City

Rally Master: Rordin Ironmane

Influence Rewards:
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing  Potions
-Advanced: Boots or Gloves
-Elite: Green Weapon

Stage I: Kill 20 Lobber Gits. These are single target mobs who can be found with ease on the outside and just inside the fortifcation. With a large number of participants, they die quickly.

Stage II: Ignite 10 Gunpowder Barrels - 5 Minutes. Throughout the fort you'll see various interactive barrels that need to be grabbed. Some will be unguarded but others will have Champion level creatures requiring 2 or 3 people to take care of. These barrels will signal the Helga cannon where to shoot and once you've collected them Stage III will commence immediately.

Stage III: Kill 3 Ironclaw "Eadbustas" and Krusha Skag - 10 Minutes. In the very back of the fort near a campfire, Krusha Skag and 3 Eadbustas will spawn as one encounter. The Eadbustas usually cause very little trouble but when mixed with Krusha who is a level 4 Hero it will chew up a small group very quickly. Dropping the Eadbustas first is advisable and can be handled by one or two people. Krusha hits pretty hard but does not appear to do anything unordianry beyond that. Concerntrating damage on him should have him on the ground before you know it.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.
  • White Loot Bag - White Rank 3 Belt
  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Caked Blood: Cultivation
  • Stained Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Dry Soil: Cultivation
  • Money

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