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Chaos Zealot Guide

Updated Sun, Oct 05, 2008 by Brokain

Chaos Zealot Guide

Overview: While we've all made fun of the early screenshots of the Chaos Zealot who looked like Lemmy from Motorhead, these fanatics are no laughing matter. The healer class for the Norse followers of the Raven God, the Zealot is a healing machine. With strong offensive casting capabilities, their great sense of fashion (each Zealot has a belt whose buckle is made of of a human face, possibly right off the skull he holds in his/her left hand) and incredible healing powers, it's not hard to see why this class will be a popular healer. There may be a reason why the Zealot looks like Lemmy, because much like the Motorhead song goes, pick this class and it's time to play "The Game" .

  • Distance. Zealots can hurl heals and spells from a huge distance, allowing you to stay out of the thick of things while still doing your job... which is looking good.
  • Zealots don't need to be directly in combat to fuel their healing abilities.
  • Zealots are a good cross between caster and healer. Their offensive spells do pretty good damage and their heals are, of course, their specialty.
  • Zealots don't have a lot of hit points to begin with and can be melee'd to death easier than some of the other healers in the game.
  • Zealots tend to lack a high level of damage mitigation, which makes them weaker against physical attacks.
  • Zealots can run out of power quickly if they're not careful since they have no mechanic in place that replenishes it on the fly.

Chaos Zealot Quick Info
Faction: Destruction
Race: Chaos (Humans)
Role: Healer
Armor: Cloth
Primary Weapons: Dagger
Primary Stats: Willpower, Intelligence
Mythic's Official Chaos Zealot Description

"He is Tzeentch! The Changer of Ways! The Raven God! The Lord of Mutation! He is the master of all that changes, and the changer of all that remains! His will is Chaos, and all the creatures of Chaos are but fleeting thoughts in his vast mind!"
– Drang The Preacher, Zealot

The Ruinous Powers have many gifts to offer their mortal followers and enemies alike - some of them quite terrible, but some of them powerful indeed. Zealots are among the most devout of the followers of the gods of Chaos, and as such it is they who are called upon to convey the will of the powers to their minions. It is Zealots who mark the followers of their patron deity, and who are charged with spreading their faith to the vulnerable and needy masses. They are not the subtle cultist, but the zealous preachers, and they offer open obedience to their dark masters.

PvE Overview

The Chaos Zealot can be an unstoppable force in PvE play. The ability to hit from long distances and powerful heals that can be used during combat give the Zealot the space and time he needs to whittle foes down with his offensive spells. Their powerful healing spells can even help them outlast multiple attackers and even take down Champion class foes a few levels lower than they are.

In a group, the Zealot has got what you need baby and he's happy to give you your healing/buff fix. The first taste is free, but after that you have to protect him from harm of else he'll cut you off, cold turkey. Mainly because they'll probably be dead.

RvR Overview

If the Zealot was a element on the periodic table of RvR, it would be Ze for "Zerged". As a Zealot, your ability to cast heavy duty heals from range as well as do a decent amount of damage with your marks makes you the #1 target for everyone in RvR, and much like the Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker core, they love to gang up on you. The key to a long and healthy life is stay out of combat, but close to the Black Orc and Chosen tanks. These classes get hooked on having their heal-orin fix and as such, will usually work to keep you alive.

If you manage to get in combat, you're not totally without a way to defend yourself. You can do pretty well in one on one by spamming the heals interlaced with a few specific debuffs and your insta-cast damage and DoT spells. If you are up against multiple people though, you're in trouble, so don't stick around and wait for the "Order Friends" to show up.

Chaos Zealot Mastery Paths
Path of AlchemyThis path is all about the healing. You hook players up with the candy that makes life worth living and now, it's much more potent. While they'll not be an offensive juggernaut, the player who specializes in the path of Alchemy will become the healer extraordinaire and be known as "Dr. Feelgood".

Path of Witchcraft:  Not simply happy to keep others healthy, the follower of this path wants to cause pain and suffering in mass quantities. The Path of Witchcraft bolsters the offensive capability of the Zealot and can make him a stronger caster than healer.

Path of RitualThe Path of Ritual is about boosting your allies and tearing down your enemies. Enhancing your buffs and Debuffs, this path gives you sway over the tide of battle and how quickly it will turn in your favor. All hail Tzeentch!

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