WAR Open Beta Editorial - What Will You Be Doing In-Game?

The smell of salivating MMOG players is in the air. The open beta for Warhammer
The smell of salivating MMOG players is in the air. The open beta for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is only days away, and the beta keys are beginning to creep out of their caverns. Soon, players from across the globe will be bunny-hopping their way to success in RvR and plowing through Public Quests with their guilds. But what should you be doing while you’re in the open beta? With only a few days of actual game time available before the headstart kicks off, gamers need to have an idea of what they should really set their sights on before jumping into the open beta.

After having his own experience with the game, Cody "Micajah" Bye has come up with a number of suggestions for inspired testers and what they can do to enjoy their time in the Warhammer world. As always, this is a truncated list – many other options are available – so if you have any other ideas, feel free to drop him a line in the forums!

If you’ve already gotten a handle on your preferred class, perhaps you should really focus your attentions on RvR. Unlike PvE, tactics and strategies are alive and kicking in RvR, and the players that have the best methods going into battle will be victorious. Even if you’ve spent hours upon hours trying the classes on for size, rest assured there is even more to learn once you get into RvR. Perhaps you’ll find your true RvR partner in a random open beta skirmish. Or maybe you’ll find the one trick that allows your Chosen to absolutely gank the competition.

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