The Violet Hold now Open

Posted Sun, Sep 07, 2008 by Messiah

Another Mid-level Expansion Instance

For all you players lucky enough to be in the beta, but not max level yet, there is another instance open to try out. This one is even located right in the main city of Dalaran!

The Violet Hold is a level 75-77 instance in Dalaran. Talk to Rhonin in Dalaran to get the quest that grants you the key.

This dungeon is in a very unpolished state. We're putting this on beta to begin the feedback process. If you lose the event, it is highly likely that the dungeon will not reset properly. Tuning of some encounters will be rough. Give it a try, it's in Dalaran and pretty quick.

Make sure and note which bosses you encountered.

Please direct any feedback about the The Violet Hold to this thread. While any feedback is informative and helpful, the more specific and detailed the feedback is the better we can polish and tune the dungeon for release. Also please try to include such as previous dungeon & raid experience of the group members, class and talent compositions if known, and the general level of gear quality worn by the group. This information is very helpful to us.

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