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Loot of Interest

Spectral Slayer



(368, 91)

Spectral Slayer has a couple of attacks that you need to be aware of before engaging. The first is a fear attack that can send individual members running around the room in a panic. It is best to make sure you kill everything in the room and any patrols that path nearby as a result of this to avoid getting adds during the fight. Guardians will want to make sure they use Intractable Mind if you have any in your group. The second is called Drain (unholy damage) and this spell causes rapid mana and stamina loss. For this I highly recommend you bring stamina and mana potions for this fight. Otherwise you will spend a great deal of it out of mana and stamina and this can lead to an unfortunate case of death.

Apart from the two aforementioned skills, Spectral Slayer enjoys using an attack called Slash which deals moderate slash damage. Keep your potions handy and be ready to deal with the Fear spell and you will have Spectral Slayer crying uncle after a lengthy battle. The real trick here is to use potions to keep your stamina and mana up for heals and attacks and Spectral Slayer becomes a teddy bear.

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Spectral Cape

Toirdealbach's Savant


(316, 263)

Toirdealbach's Savant likes to attack with fire magic so fire Invulnerability can come in handy, but the more problematic skill is Advisor's Charm. This spell can charm one of your group and cause them to attack their fellow group members. If you have a guardian acting as tank in your group, make sure they use Intractable Mind to reduce the chance of being charmed. Apart from these two skills Toirdealbach's Savant also casts a self protecting shield.

The hardest aspect of this fight is dealing with the charm. Keep your group behind the Savant while the tank stays up front. Make sure to clear any nearby enemies or patrols before engaging as a few adds can prove fatal during this fight.

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Chancellor Cloak





(414, 357)

Toirdealbach is easily the most difficult encounter in this dungeon. The first line of attacks you need to be aware of are Toirdealbach's elemental AoE spells. These spells cause poison and cold damage so those Invulnerability buffs or gear will be useful. The next thing you need to be aware of is that at 95%, 45%, and 10% health, Toirdealbach will spawn 3 Shadow Specters that will heal her.

One strategy used that works well is to first clear all enemies in the surrounding area. Once they are all dead, dispose of the six bodyguards protecting Toirdealbach.

When you engage Toirdealbach, have the tank attack her and the rest of the group keep at maximum range. Rangers can be of great use here. Deal damage from a distance to avoid the AoE damage and when the Shadow Specter healers spawn peel them off one by one while the tank keeps Toirdealbach occupied. Repeat this process until all three waves of healers have been disposed of and then hit Toirdealbach with everything you have. The fight will be a pretty long one so bring potions, food, and pace yourself.

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Toirdealbach's Seal

Totem of Origins

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