2Moons: Dave Perry Interviewed

Posted Mon, Aug 21, 2006 by LadySirse

Dave Perry on 2Moons

GameSpy talks with the creator of Earthworm Jim as he takes his first adventure in making MMOs with 2Moons.

Dave Perry might not be the first name you associate with MMOs, but the creator of Earthworm Jim is hard at work trying to blaze the trail that may just define the future of the market in North America. He's partnered with a newly resurrected Acclaim Entertainment to bring us 2Moons, a fully localized (and from the sounds of it, heavily reworked) Korean MMO that he hopes will serve as the benchmark for what a free-to-play, ad-supported, persistent-world game can be. We recently sat down with Perry, and picked his brain.

Read the full interview to learn more. Are you looking forward to seeing what this title turns out to be? share your thoughts with us in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer.


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