MMOG Editorial - Melee or Magic?

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Do you prefer having a clean robe or getting your hands a bit dirty?

Throughout the era of medieval fantasy gaming, there's always been a constant argument between gamers trying to determine whether melee or magic is better. In his latest editorial, Cody "Micajah" Bye pits the two opposing sides against each other to try and determine which style players enjoy the most. Read his editorial, then head back to the forums to give your take on which side is better, melee or magic!

However, these roles distort even further when you get into the massively multiplayer online gaming setting. While many of us may enjoy being in the front lines and beating on our enemies, we also enjoy seeing their corpses crumple under our feet. The majority of the melee frontline combatants in MMOGs will never see that happen through the stroke of their sword, because most MMOGs have made melee combatants the “meatshields” and given them a duty that allows them to do little more than stand in front of an enemy and take the brunt of the blows.

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