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Shadow Warrior Guide
Shadow Warrior Guide

Overview: Moving with unrivaled agility, the High Elf Shadow Warrior is Warhammer Online's Ranger class, giving players dangerous bow attacks offset by a quick blade. These stealthy soldiers have trained among nature and do not fight with direct confrontation but move from the shadows, preferring to kill their prey from a distance. Using a variety of stances, they are versatile enough to face their foes with strengths based on their environment. Living a solitary existence, the Shadow Warrior dedicates themselves to training and seeks only to kill Dark Elves.

  • Heavy DPS
  • Extremely Longe Ranged attacks
  • High damage attacks work from various ranges
  • Very squishy and dies easily
  • Some Attacks are Slow
  • Really Long Range Attacks are Weak

Shadow Warrior Quick Info
Faction: Order
Race: High Elf
Role: Ranged and Melee DPS
Armor: Light
Primary Weapon: Bows
Primary Stats: Strength, Agility
Mythic's Official Shadow Warrior Description

“We have lost our families, our lands, and our innocence. Even our kin look upon us with suspicious eyes, for all they remember are the atrocities of Malekith and his ilk, not the nobility of those who remained. It is for these reasons we fight this Shadow War, for redemption can only come from tears and blood. Only when Malekith breathes his last, his heart pierced by Nagarythe steel, shall we ask Lileath for forgiveness. Until that day nothing will stand in the path of our vengeance...”

- Filamar the Swift, Shadow Warrior of Nagarythe

The Shadow Warriors of Nagarythe persue their Shadow War against the Dark Elves with a single- minded focus. In order to excel at his lonely and thankless task, the Shadow Warrior trains endlessly, perfecting techniques specifically suited to one aspect or strategy of combat. These “strategic maneuvers” can be divided into three major groups: Scouting, Skirmish, and Assault. Scouting maneuvers focus on moving into territory ahead of the vanguard and striking out at critical locations from long range. Skirmish maneuvers focus on hit-and-run tactics using powerful short range bow attacks that can be unleashed on the run. Assault maneuvers focus on slaying their opponents at close range with quick, graceful strikes of a longsword. These strategies, when combined with the Shadow Warrior’s burning desire for vengeance, result in a potent offensive warrior capable of acting alone or as the scout for a larger group.

PvE Overview

The DPS brought by the Shadow Warrior adds a unique element to any fighting force utilizing one. While many classes can bring damage through various spells and blade, the Shadow Warrior fires their bow at various ranges.

Using a variety of abilities which can include damage over time, snares, and debuffs, the Shadow Warrior can not only wield their bow but has a few blade attacks as well. Not great as a tank but when paired up with other people, they can bring ridiculous amounts of damage to the fight.

RvR Overview

In RvR the Shadow Warrior is a standoffish figure usually preferring to fight from a distance. With 100 feet of range on a bow, you can frequently find them well to the rear or off on a hill firing away at fleeing enemies.

They can enjoy their damage as long as they remain at arms length. The Shadow Warrior does not absorb damage well and can be a very fragile class, not to be played with reckless abandon. Players who have played Ranger type classes will be able to pick this right up.

Shadow Warrior Abilities: Levels 1 to 20   |   Shadow Warrior Abilities: Levels 21 to 40
Shadow Warrior Masteries

Shadow Warrior Mastery Paths
Path Of the Scout: The Path Of The Scout focuses on delivering devastating attacks from a great distance. A Master of this path will prepare patiently and then strike swiftly, unleashing a deadly hail of arrows with grim results. A Shadow Warrior specializing in this strategy will prefer to stand his ground as far as from his enemies as he can, and force them to come to him.

Path of Assault: The Path Of Assault teaches Shadow Warriors to augment their bow attacks with blades as well. Someone who adopts this strategy will prefer to first cripple their target with bow fire, and will then bring the fight to the enemy instead of remaining back at a distance. While even a specialist in this path will still place their trust in their longbow, they will be able to easily throw an enemy off-balance by charging in to the fight instead of trying to stay back at a distance.

Path of the Skirmisher: The Path Of The Skirmisher is a strategy for close-quarters combat. Focused on short-distance bow attacks, someone who specializes in this path will still remain mobile while drawing their shots. These nimble attacks grant deadly flexibility to the Shadow Warrior - while he must get much closer to his enemies, he does not have to remain stationary, and is able to draw his targets out into bloody ambushes.

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