WAR: Dark Elves Public Quests: Chapter 1

dark elf pq chapter 1
dark elf pq chapter 1Dark Elves Public Quests:

Chapter 1

All across the Greywind Shoals, a great battle raged. Legions of Dark Elf Warrior loyal to House Uthorin spilled forth from the gaping maw of their huge Black Ark and charged up the beaches to attack the defensive positions of the enemy. Other Black Arks had crashed into the coastline as well, and were now disgorging their legions of grim-faced warriors. The roaring of huge beasts of war filled the air. The Beastmasters led their Manticores, Hydras and Cold Ones into position to support the attack while the leathery wings of huge Black Dragons beat the air above.

The exiled kin of Ulthuan had returned, and with a mighty vengeance.

Rushing to meet the invaders was the Shining Guard, Prince Tyrion's army of elite warriors chosen to remain behind and protect the homeland of the High Elves while the High King sailed to the Old World to aid the Empire in its hour of need. Though Tyrion had expected that an invasion might be possible, the sheer magnitude of the Dark Elves' attack made victory seem hopeless.

Master Kaltarn, one of Lord Uthorin's most seasoned warriors, had been entrusted with a regiment of inexperienced soldiers. It was his appointed task to prepare the young Dark Elves for a life of service in the army of House Uthorin, and he executed that duty without remorse or pity. First, he would throw the recruits into combat, then he would train those few who survived. After all, reasoned the Master at Arms, only those who survived would be strong enough to be worth training.

"Forward, vermin. Prove yourselves worthy to fight in the name of Lord Uthorin, or my sword will pierce your heart!" Master Kaltarn watched as his newly-trained recruits rushed forward to meet their blood enemies in battle. One, then another of his recruits fell. One of the Dark Elf recruits, bloodied and bruised, limped back to Master Kaltarn, clutching at a gaping sword-wound in his chest.

"Master, they are too strong!" said the initiate, coughing up blood as he spoke.

Kaltar's eyes narrowed and he shouted at the injured soldier. "You disgust me, weakling. Your family will carry the stain of your dishonor for all time!" The other recruits spared a glance over their shoulders as Master Kaltarn drew his sword and ran the young soldier through the chest.

"Master Kaltarn! New orders from Lord Uthorin himself!"

Kaltarn turned to see a messenger approach and hold out a parchment sealed with Lord Uthorin's signet. Kaltarn read the orders, then read them again, his eyes wide with disbelief.

"Break off the attack!" cried the trainer to his recruits. "Prepare to march southward!"

The young warriors regrouped before their leader. It was not their place to question his orders, but he could see the same question in their eyes: why? The battle had been going well for the Dark Elves. Victory might be within their grasp.

Kaltarn had no answer for them. Clearly Lord Uthorin had some other purpose in mind for soldiers, but only time would tell what it was.

CHAPTER 1: Trial By Blood

Spires of Narthain

Location: Blighted Isle, East of Isha's Garden at 16191, 17331

Rally Master: Master Kaltarn at Isha's Garden

Influence Rewards:
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing Potions
-Advanced: Boots or Gloves
-Elite: Green Weapon or Armor Item

Stage I: Kill 30 Narthain Soldiers. These rank 2 mobs are stationed all around the outer ring of the Spires area. They respawn fairly quickly, so there shouldn't be much of a wait time.

Stage II: Kill 15 Sun Mages - 10 Minutes. These rank 4 casters will run out of the main building toward the 2 circular pedestal areas. They group up close enough to each other that you will aggro several at one time when you attack. Be aware of several of the Towerguards that will still be hanging around with their ranged arrow attacks.

Stage III: Kill Sunlathir; Rank 4 Hero Class Sun Drake - 6 Minutes. From the sky above, a large golden dragon flies into the courtyard, landing near the northern circular pedestal area. When she first arrives, her health is low, and she is ripe for the picking. If at any point she kills all attackers in the field, she will reset to full health, making the fight last that much longer. If you are the last one alive, try to kite her around to keep her engaged until your reinforcements can return. Be careful of her firey AoE that can take you down in a few hits. When killed, her chest drops right on the path, near the entrance to the PQ.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.
  • Lesser Loot Bag - Green Body/Chest Piece
  • White Loot Bag - White Rank 1 Belt
  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Caked Blood: Cultivation
  • Stained Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Dry Soil: Cultivation
  • Coins

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