WAR: Chaos Public Quests: Chapter 1

chaos pq chapter 1
chaos pq chapter 1 Chaos Public Quests: Chapter 1

Among the barbaric peoples of the distant north, a mighty champion has arisen.

His name is Tchar'zanek, and he is possessed of both vast arcane powers and strength beyond that of any living mortal. One by one, this potent warrior has defeated all rivals in battle, claiming each victory in the name of his patron deity, the Raven God.

With each conquest in the frozen lands of the north, the ranks of his army swell. With his mastery of magic, Tchar'zanek summons forth Daemons and commands them to share their secret knowledge of ancient and forbidden rites.

It is through the whisperings of these abominable creatures that the Warlord learns of ancient relics of power scattered throughout the Old World. A plan begins to form in the twisted mind of the Champion. It is a plan that, if successful, will transform the lands of the Empire into a nightmare domain of Chaos and end forever the dominion of Men in the Old World.

Tchar'zanek leads his mighty warhost southward into the lands of Norsca. The first stage in his secret plan is an invasion of the Empire, and the legions of Marauders who have flocked to his banner will be all too eager for a chance to pillage and plunder the properous lands to the south.

Blazing a path of destruction and ruin, the dark host charges across the Empire's northern border. The battle for dominion over the Old World has begun.

CHAPTER 1: Proving Ground

Ruinous Powers

Location: Norsca, Southeast of Sturmvall at 39526, 19991

Rally Master: The Eidolon at Sturmvall, lower level

Influence Rewards:
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing Potions
-Advanced: Boots or Belt
-Elite: Green Weapon

Stage I: Kill 25 Thorshafn Militiamen. The field surrounding the summoning ring will fill with these rank 2 Witch Hunters, who are attempting to interrupt the Raven Host Sorcerers. Each militiaman killed will create a tombstone on the spot they died.

Stage II: Harvest 25 Souls From the Tombstones - 10 Minutes. The tombstones you created by the killing in Stage I contain the souls of your victims. Harvest these souls, but beware the Rank 2 Champion class Thorshafn Soldiers that now wander the area.

Stage III: Kill Kar'thok the Bloodhowler; Rank 3 Hero Class Bloodbeast of Khorne - 10 Minutes. The failed attempt to summon and control a Daemon of Change has resulted in one angry Bloodhowler. This big and red creature is going to take quite a few hits to bring down. As most Boss fights go, this one requires a stream of steady DPS, a tank to stay the focus of its rage, and plenty of heals.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.
  • Lesser Loot Bag - Green Rank 3 Gloves
  • White Loot Bag - White Rank 1 Boots
  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Caked Blood: Cultivation
  • Stained Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Dry Soil: Cultivation
  • Coins

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