WAR Launch Blog - A Study of Sleep Deprivation - Part Two

JW: Do you think QA is a fun and interesting way to go?
JW: Do you think QA is a fun and interesting way to go?

JS: Absolutely, absolutely, I know that there are several people on the QA team right now that have animation degrees, graphic-design degrees. I know there are a couple of QAs who have degrees in writing code. We “could” be developers, but we just don’t ever want to do that. There are quite a few of us that have said they are never gonna leave QA.

JW: For the people who “might” want to leave QA, as far as Mythic goes, what’s your perception of being able to come to QA, stick around for six months, show that you are a clever person, that you have good ideas and design sensibilities, and then move on up from QA to other departments?

JS: You know, there were actually a few of us who wanted to do just that – to start out in QA, just to get their foot in the door of the industry, and, they’re not in QA any more. They’ve been picked up by other teams. What they did is just prove themselves on their embedded teams, got some face-time in with the higher ups, showed that they knew what they’re doing. They usually get sucked up and taken away.

JW: So it works!

JS: It does work.

JW: In the last week, have you seen any difference in people’s habits?

JS: [laughs]

JW: … Maybe new bizarre caffeine-delivery systems. Anyone taken up smoking? Any new tattoos?

JS: There’s no time to get tattoos. Tattoos take a while. I wanna get a WAR symbol here on my left shoulder and the Chaos star right here. But habits, yeah. We sleep less, we shower less, we don’t put on makeup or clean clothes …

JW: Red Bull?

JS: Coffee. A lot of Sugar.

JW: So you are coffee and sugar, and Finnigan (QA Live Lead) is Red Bull and crazy cod-flavored chocolate.

A pic of the cod-flavored chocolate.

JS: Pinky is drinking like 6 or 7 Red Bulls an hour these days.

JW: Who’s Pinky?

JS: Chris Chang

JW: Is that because of his hair? Or something more embarrassing?

JS: Yeah, it’s the hair. It’s starting to fade now so I’m gonna start calling him Rusty.

JW: What’s the team spirit like for the QA Team? Are you really tight?

JS: It’s incredible. I think they’ve done a really, really good job at picking people who can get along with each other.  We have a lot more solidarity than a lot of the other development teams. You take an artist or a coder and they’re gonna sit in their darkened cube and just work on the one thing that they are assigned. Well this is an MMO. If we were working on a FPS or a single-player game, it would be a little different, but we HAVE to work together…all the time…all day, every day. I’ll need probably six people to help form a guild. Or we’ll need 20 people to go and fill up both sides of a scenario to make sure things are working there.

JW: Do you guys have a fight song?

JS: Oh my god, yeah, actually we do. It would probably be the House of Pain, Jump Around. [laughs] We’re all really, really close. It’s almost the kind of kinship that you get from working in a restaurant, You know, the restaurant is like the front lines. Everything is horrible all the time. You’re in the weeds. There’s bombs falling around you.

JW: Sounds like Band of Brothers … and Sisters … in parentheses.

JS: Yeah, it actually is. Maybe it’s like a modern-day Band of Brothers but they actually allow women in this military ... as secretaries. [laughs]

Mark Davis under the hands of a masseuse.

Day 2 Part 3

People’s kinetic energy is pretty high right now as they whiz around bouncing off the walls finishing off the final touches on WAR. To avoid any instances of spontaneous human combustion, or third-degree friction burns, Mythic has brought in some trained professionals to help everyone chill out.

Here we see Mark Davis (Deputy Content Producer) enjoying a rub down.

He seems to be enjoying it.

Day 2 Social Experiment

As launch approaches, tempers begin to fray. As a social experiment, I want to see whether small insignificant requests can push someone who is stressed over the edge. This small regular column is something I like to call “Can I borrow a dollar please”. Today, I try to” borrow a dollar please” from Colin Hicks [Insider Note: Colin is the Deputy Producer]. It’s 11:30PM and Colin clearly wants to go home. Let’s see what happens:

Is he getting his happy ending?

JW: Hello Colin.

CH: Hello.

JW: Could I borrow a dollar please?

CH: [audible groan] What’s the dollar for?

JW: I need it for the soda machine.

CH: **** the soda machine. Why don’t you have a dollar? Did we stop paying you guys?

JW: Umm. I have a ten. Do you have change for a ten?

CH: [pause] No.

JW: Then a dollar will be fine.

CH: Here’s the dollar. Enjoy your ******* soda.

JW: Thanks Colin.

Result! There was definitely some swearing there, and perhaps a hint of actual violence. Join me tomorrow when I try to borrow a dollar from Jon Farranelli.

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