Upcoming Hunter Changes

Posted Fri, Sep 12, 2008 by Messiah

Coming shortly...

Ghostcrawler announced several upcoming changes for pets today in the forums. Not sure when, but soon the following will be tested on the beta realms.

Here are some changes you'll see next build or so. I may have forgotten some.

-- Taunt no longer shares a cooldown with Growl and Cower.
-- Avoidance, not Great Resistance, is the prereq for Wolverine Bite.
-- We are still trying to rework Heart of the Phoenix to get around the shortcomings.
-- Tenacity and Ferocity pets lost their armor multiplier but it was given to all pets at base. The net effect is that Cunning pets won't be at a stat deficit compared to the other trees.
-- Roar of Recovery provides more mana.
-- Lick Your Wounds now with faster licking technology.
-- Carrion Feeder cooldown dropped to 30. We can't easily change the range because this spells uses the same tech as the undead racial.
-- Focus cost removed from Bullheaded.
-- Not directly talent-related, but rather than reworking Prowl, cats got a second damage ability, Rake. It felt odd for them to shift from most desired pet to one of the least desired.

As far as who belongs to which tree, those decisions were made largely based on the pet special ability, not what ecologically makes more sense with the tree's theme. Strong CC or other PvP-useful abilities were generally given the Cunning tree, just because we didn't also want to see those same pets as the most popular when raiding or soloing. The goal is to have a lot more options about which pet you're going to bring. With the Cunning stat change and tree rework, hopefully that will include those animals as well.

Rather than start another thread, feel free to talk about any of the pet family abilities (Rake, Web, Poison Spit etc.) as well within this one.

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