Squig Herder Class Guide

Squig Herder Guide
Squig Herder Guide

Overview: Don't ever under estimate the power of these funny-looking little green men for they hold the leash to a creature that you do not want nipping at your ankles!  The Squig Herder is often overlooked in battle due to their small stature and unassuming appearance, but make no mistake, they are extremely deadly and will put an arrow in your back just as their vicious little Squig starts to feast on your flesh.

The Squig Herder isn't just another pet class as many will find them more interesting than the typical pet/master duo.  Holding a common bond with many pet classes, they can be heavily reliant upon their minion, but the Squig Herder shines all on his own as a dominating source of damage based on his impressive arsenal of ranged attacks.  They can choose to use their pet as a distraction or as a more deadly wave of frightening damage, but the Herder himself will often be bouncing around in the shadows nocking arrow after arrow before you even have a chance to see where he came from.

  • Reliable pet offers excellent protection
  • Strong ranged play
  • Very damage focused
  • Flimsy defenses
  • Extremely pet dependant in PvE play
  • Melee abilities are fairly weak

Squig Herder Quick Info
Faction: Destruction
Race: Greenskin
Role: Ranged DPS
Armor: Light leather
Primary Weapon: Bow and/or spear
Primary Stats: Ballistic, initiative
Mythic's Official Squig Herder Description
"...an' dis one's Chompy! Chompy's a right devil he is! Rip a bugger right in two! See dis scar 'ere on me arm? Dats ol' Chompy's 'andywork! I'mna go grab 'im... "
- Greenstumps, Goblin Squig Herder


One-on-one a Squig is no match for the likes of a Hammerer or Ironbreaker, but the problem there isn't the match, it's the numbers. The toothy embrace of a pack of Squigs has brought down many a hearty warrior, and a Squig pack is never more effective than in the hands of an expert Herder. Using tools ranging from pipes to goads to bits of giblets, the Squig Herder drives his minions to a killing frenzy while fighting safely behind the lines. The Herder's own ranged fire combines with the attacks of his minions to challenge any foe.

PvE Overview

Despite the nasty green grossness, the Squig Herder rules the realm with his excellent damage abilities and his reliable pet.  These guys are very capable in whatever gameplay you participate in.  In a group, you are called upon to provide a good portion of the group's damage and the Squig Herder certainly steps up to the plate here.  Ranged attacks are powerful and the pet adds useful defenses that are particularly helpful in solo play as well as group play.

Getting to know the behaviors of your pet is helpful, but after that, let the Squig keep an enemies attention and stand back and lob off those attacks and you will be golden!

RvR Overview

The goal in RvR combat is to go unnoticed for as long as possible.  The steep damage that a Squig Herder can dish out means hordes of angry Order will come charging to silence the barrage of arrows!  It's often best to allow your group to cover the frontlines while you find quieter spots and shoot off ranged attacks.  The Squig Herder is less powerful up close in melee combat so that distance will always be your friend.

I find the pet to be less useful in RvR combat, mostly because he works as a big red flag that says "HEY!  The damage is coming from over here!" so if you use him, keep him moving to keep the enemy guessing.

Squig Herder Mastery Paths
Path of Big Shootin':  A specialist in this path is more than happy to stand far, far back from the fight and let his squig pets distract the enemies while he peppers them with arrows from a safe distance. Those who dismiss Goblins for their small stature quickly learn not to underestimate the Squig Herder's powerful bow and keen aim, and many an enemy's final dying thought has been that perhaps they should've paid more attention to the Goblin than the squig.

Path of Quick Shootin':  A clever master of this path uses the Goblins' inherent tendencies towards twitching and running in his favor, and has learned to quickly snap off bow shots while moving around. While he pays for this mobility at the cost of range, as he can't shoot as far without taking the time to stop and brace his bow, the speed and flexibility that he gains ensures that he can always stay out of harm's reach.

Path of Stabbin':  Some goblins are simply more bloodthirsty than others, and a master of this path prefers to use his bow simply as a means to weaken and hinder his enemy, allowing him to move in and dispatch them quickly with his crude yet brutal spear. Fighting side-by-side with his squig pets, the Squig Herder who selects this path is always gleeful to find himself in the middle of a messy fight.

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