Justin Webb WAR Launch Videos: Jeff Hickman at Launch

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Every so often, the Ten Ton Hammer staff feels the crush of overwhelming pressure to get a piece of content released. Whether it's Justin's launch videos or our coverage from the Leipzig Games Convention, every so often we pull out all the stops, quit sleeping, all to give the readers the content they deserve. However, none of that truly compares to what occurred at the Mythic Entertainment studios just a few days ago. In an absolutely brilliant video, WAR’s Justin Webb followed Executive Producer Jeff Hickman in the last fifteen minutes before the launch of Warhammer Online. Truthfully, you can almost feel the excitement at Mythic through the video. Check it out, it’s definitely worth watching! 

Here's what Justin had to say about this video:

On Sunday, I followed Jeff around from 11:45AM until midday. The video is a single scene – sped up in places – but it shows exactly what happened in the minutes preceding the launch of WAR. You might notice some familiar faces from this week’s articles: Jon Farinelli, Crystal Ferguson, Jenny Schradeya, Colin Hicks, Colin Shannon. If you squint, you might also notice Maurice Nelson, Destin Bales, Chris Ondrus and even Rob Denton. Angie (the most important person) is also in it – she made the cupcakes!

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