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What could be more fun than sending your friends through content that you created for them! Get a look at how the folks at Nevrax are making it happen with the upcoming expansion to Saga of Ryzom, Ryzom Ring. brings us a preview complete with screenshots...

IÂ’ve read a number of the other previews out there, and I donÂ’t know if the authors just didnÂ’t have enough time or didnÂ’t want to bore their audience with details, but tough noogies, because IÂ’m dragging you through the absolute guts of this thing.

To create your own Ring, you sign in the same as you would normally. And as long as weÂ’re talking about logging in, I have to tell you - Ryzom has the BEST login screen: Yes, the art is fantastic, but the real winner is the "loading" messages that show up. In most games, youÂ’ll see a quick flurry of things like, "Loading Textures" or "Patching vers. 1.11.23 to 1.12.33" or something equally boring. With Ryzom, you get such fun messages as:

Loading Random Loading Messages
Installing Ninja Yubos
Shrinking Trykers
Spare Yubos - who knows, maybe one day, they will spare your life

Comedy gold, I tell you! Once youÂ’re logged in, though, you choose "Edit" to go into the Ring section and begin creating your own world.

Check out the full preview. Do you play Saga of Ryzom? Looking forward to the expansion? Let us know in the forums right here at Ten Ton Hammer!

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