Voyage Century Online: Fatal Weapons Screenshots

Posted Wed, Sep 24, 2008 by Aurael

It's not uncommon for weapon upgrades to be a part of a new content upgrade on games. Voyage Century Online is no exception. The recent Colony Age update has provided players with a chance to get some uber weapons that will make your co-adventurers green with envy. Four new screenshots have been released, as well as new information on the weapons, and Ten Ton Hammer has the scoop and the screens for your viewing pleasure!

Voyage Century: Fatal Weapons

Today the folks at Voyage Century are going to talk about some of the cool gear available in the game. As you probably know, there are four basic weapons players can use in Voyage Century, falchion, sword, axe and gun. Each of them has their own unique advantages. However many players tend to master all of the four weapons so that they will have some benefits during PK.

Let’s take a look at some refined weapons.

Many Voyage Century players know that the Black Dragon weapons were the most powerful gear in the game, but after the release of the Colony Age version, refined Level 120 weapons have actually become more powerful. The hit rates and critical strike rates and the power of refined weapons are definitely higher than any other weapons. A Refined Giant Bone Warblade and a Refined Fatal Cross Gun are the best choices for players who like instant kills.

Let’s take a look at the coveted Blood Knight Gear.

The attributes of Blood Knight Gear and Accurate Knight Gear are so high that many players dream of getting one at any cost. Unlike refined weapons, you don’t need to use some impossible-to-get materials to make Blood Knight Gear, instead you can buy them in Level 10 industrial colony cities. However, this doesn’t mean that every player can afford to get Blood Knight Gear with ease, because their prices are very high. In addition, it’s not easy to own a Level 10 industrial colony city.

For more information about top gear visit the official Voyage Century website:

New Voyage Century Online Screenshots:


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