Exclusive Champions Online Interview with Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz

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Over the last few months, the Ten Ton Hammer staff has had the opportunity to see Cyptic Studio's upcoming super hero MMOG, Champions Online, in action on multiple occasions. From what we saw at the media day at Cryptic Studios to the exclusive interviews we got with the developers at GenCon to the awards we gave to the game at Leipzig, the crew here at Ten Ton Hammer can honestly say that there’s something special at work in Champions Online. While we may have had plenty of opportunities to chat with developers throughout the summer convention season, we’re still not done! Recently we had an opportunity to ask a number of questions to Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz about the general gameplay in Champions Online, and his answers were quite detailed. We hope you enjoy the interview!

Ten Ton Hammer: What sort of advantages and limitations for powers are planned (or are at least being considered) at this time? Might we see powers that have weaknesses, like the way Green Lantern used to be unable to use his ring against the color yellow?

The Advantages system is actually a very fun component in Champions Online that allows players to customize their Powers in functional ways. For example, you might be playing a mesmerist type character with the power to control people’s minds which allows you to turn enemies into allies. You can then apply an Advantage that empowers your mind-controlled enemy with increased damage, resistance, and speed, making them more powerful while they are under your control.

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