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Posted Mon, Sep 29, 2008 by Messiah

Ghostcrawler took some time to answer a number of questions about the rogue class in the beta forums. There are numerous questions and answers that shed a lot of light on the developers plans for the rogue class. Here is just a single question...

Q u o t e:
Given what we feel is a lack of group utility of the rogue class, what do you see as the value of the rogue in a group/raid setting now that their DPS is available from any other class? And will you be giving rogues more utility to balance this?

To be honest, most classes feel like they lack group utility and trying to compare them ends up leading to a lot of class X vs. class Y debates. Yes, any druid can heal. The Ferals will argue they can't heal well enough to count for anything. Then they will argue that rogues can get themselves out of a lot of tight spots and avoid taking too much damage and have better CC. I'm not particularly interested in running through all the strengths and weaknesses of those arguments because I think we can all guess how that will turn out. Bottom line is we want to see rogues in raids. We think you're going to be there, but if we've miscalculated we'll just keep working on it. This is a pretty big change to our raiding structure, and as nice it would be to declare it 100% done, realistically we are going to be tweaking it for a long time when we see what happens in the "real world." In terms of the big raid buffs, the ones we consider rogues bringing are Expose Armor, Wound Poison and Mind Numbing Poison. There are plenty of others more along the lines of Kick and Sap that are harder to quantify.

You can find the whole thread here.

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