Physical Space Vest to Support Virtual WoW Damage

Posted Fri, Oct 03, 2008 by Medeor

What would a 10k Pyro feel like with this thing on?

TN Games has announced that their 3rd Space Vest will support World of Warcraft in a way that could bring tears to your eyes (literally). The Space Vest is designed like a flak jacket that you wear only it relays damage your character takes into real damage that you personally take. All of those kicks to the gems that the rogues inflict can be felt, oh joy! Originally created to support FPS games, they have set their sites on WoW for eleven million obvious reasons. More about the vest from TN's website:

TN Games 3rd Space vest - you can now experience the physical consequences of your actions in the virtual world!

Our lightweight wearable gaming interface is designed to let you experience the physical aspects of game play such as impact, speed, motion, and gravity. As gamers ourselves, we designed the vest to make games more realistic, give you a better handle on the game space as a real 3-D environment, intensify your awareness and competitive edge during play, and take great games and supercharge their performance into an even more exciting unique experience. 3rd Space is elite cutting edge technology for our PC based audience.

I can't see myself enjoying a PvP gankfest any less than when wearing one of these, but if you want true immersion, check out the TN Games website and if you do order, don't forget to get the matching helmet.

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