Warcraft and Starcraft Manga Artists Wanted

Posted Tue, Oct 07, 2008 by DarkFact

Can you draw your manga well?

Blizzard has announced that Tokyopop will be recruiting some manga artists for their upcoming comics for both Warcraft and Starcraft, so if you know anyone who can do it, or can do it yourself, you lose nothing by trying to get in!

TOKYOPOP is now accepting and reviewing portfolios from talented individuals interested in becoming the next big manga artist. We're looking for super-talented manga artists who not only know the Warcraft or StarCraft universes, but can handle an intense and very demanding production schedule. Our goal is to deliver truly awesome manga, and to achieve this we need artists who can give readers an exciting and authentic Warcraft or StarCraft manga experience.
We require that all portfolios have 5-8 sequential samples (preferably featuring Warcraft or StarCraft characters), as well as 5-8 character sketches/turnarounds featuring Warcraft or StarCraft characters. TOKYOPOP is a manga publisher, so your art should fit well within the manga art style.

Send all sketches and portfolios to should you be interested!

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