Greenskins Public Quests, Chap.3

Bruza and Splinta surveyed the damage from the recent Dwarf cannon barrage. One of the huts were on fire, but the rock lobbers were intact. Nearby, the Orcs and Goblins were all gathered near the edge of the camp, watching a contingent of Bloody Sun Boyz battle a Dwarf regiment down the slope from the camp. The Orcs bellowed and thumped their chests, cheering on their comrades.

A short distance away, across a narrow ravine, the Dwarfs had a camp of their own. Both sides of the gap had once been part of a single Dwarf village. The Greenskins had claimed half of it when, during their march to assault the Gates of Ekrund, The Dwarfs had sprung an ambush. Now both sides had settled in for a fight and had been lobbing cannonballs and boulders at each other ever since.

Bruza picked up a nearby barrel and smashed it on the ground at his feet. The other Greenskins whirled about to see what was going on.

"Get back to work, you lazy gits!"

"Yo told'em good, Boss!" said Splinta as the Orcs and Goblins scrambled to carry out their leader's orders. Just then, Splinta spied something moving alomg the road in the distance. He pointed excitedly.

"Look, Boss! Here comes another Orc on his way to the big WAAAGH! Wot kind of job you gonna give 'eim to do?"

Bruza glanced down at the Goblin beside him and narrowed his eyes. "Now why do I fink you got some ideas 'bout dat, Splinta?"

The goblin wringed his hands and grinned, revealing long pointed teeth. There were lots of jobs to do here at Bruza's camp, which Splinta really fancied as his own, thought he could never say so openly.

"Well, Boss," the goblin said slyly "we could use more of dem wolf skins for the Warcamp tents."

"Wot else?"

"Da Rock Lobbers need more rocks. One of da Gobs said we was runnin' out."

"I fink we should send da ladz to get some more rocks and some wolf skins," answered Bruza.

"Youse smart, Boss!"

Chapter 3: A Stone's Throw From the Enemy

Rally Master: Splinta

Influence Rewards
-Basic: Health, Action Points, Heal over Time or Damage Absorbing Potions
-Advanced: Armor or Gloves.
-Elite: Feet or Weapon.


Sacred Grove (Easy):

Location: Sharpthorn Wud, Mt. Bloodhorn

Stage I: Gather 30 Animal Hides. Awww, Sharpthorn Wud is full of cute cuddly animals... for you to kill! Bruza need hides for the war effort, you're gonna help him out. All you need to do is kill 30 animals of any type. The boars and the wolves are aggressive while the deer are not, but they still give you credit towards finishing the first stage of this PQ. These are all standard mob types and chances are, you can probably get a few Tome of Knowledge kill unlocks in the process of doing Stage I.

Stage II: Kill 30 Wrathful Sprites. So now that you've slaughtered the poor defenseless critters of Sacred Grove, the forest comes alive with those little Troll dolls with the weird hair from the '70's. Wrathful Spites come from all over to attack you and you have 8 minutes to kill 30 of them. The Spites will come to you, so you won't have too much problem finding them, however currently this PQ is a bit buggy. You'll have large groups of Spites running toward you then they'll turn and retreat or you'll get a large group that will come up next to you and just stand there not doing anything but remaining untouchable. The best way to do this is to split into two groups, one group setting up shop in one half of the Sacred Grove, the other group in the other half. This way you can kill twice as many Spites in the same amount of time. The Spites will attack in large groups so if you can use AoE's, it works beautifully and may overcome some of the buggy "run away" Spites..

Stage III: Lucius Richter, Solamir, and Bladeclaw. Now that you've defeated the Spites, you've drawn the attention of Lucius Richter, who studied with the Archmages of Ulthuan, and his pets. Richter is a Champion class mob and his pet unicorn, Solamir, is a Champion class mob as is his other pet, a grizzly named Bladeclaw. As if three Champions weren't enough, Lucius Richter will summon more Wrathful Spites throughout the battle to harry your group. The best plan here is to whittle down the pets first, debuff Richter to lower his attack power, and then gang up on him when his pets are no longer an issue.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.

  • Lesser Loot Bag - Green Rank 5 Chest piece
  • White Loot Bag - White Rank 5 boots
  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Sallow Gall : Cultivation
  • Clean Tin Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Withered Peat : Cultivation
  • Coins


Kron Komar Gap (Hard):

Location: Komar, Mt. Bloodhorn.

Stage I: Kill 100 Komar Dwarves. As you come into Chapter Three of your Greenskins journey, you're going to pass through a battle taking place between the Greenskins and the Dwarves. This is somewhat of a unique PQ as it seems that it's contested. Whoever meets the first objective first, locks it out for the other faction until it resets.. Your job is to help your army out by killing 100 Komar dwarfes, and there's plenty of them to go around. Usually, you'll see a bunch of players blockading the path coming into Komar from the hills, catching all the adds as they pour out of the hills. The mobs are standard ranged and tanks and you may get a little help from some of the NPC Orcs across the way, as they come into the area and attack random dwarfes.

Stage II: 2 Komar Runesmiths, Goren Stonebrow. Once you've whittled down the dwarven force a bit, their hero class leader, Goren Stonebrow,comes out in an attempt to turn the tide. He's accompanied by two dwarven Runesmiths, who are Champion class mobs. First and foremost, you'll want to focus on taking down the Runesmiths. if you don't, they tag team heal Goren Stonebrow and make your job 10 times harder. Stonebrow won't sit by idly and watch you kill his lifelines though, so make sure you have a healer handy because he hits like a Sherman Tank with the same amount of knockback. Once the Runesmiths are taken care of, you can turn your attention towards Stonebrow. This is a fairly short PQ, with only two stages so get ready to get some deja vu.

Loot Drops: Special items are dependent on the type of loot bag that is won, and your class. Every loot bag contains the tradeskill items and coins.

  • Thick Glass Vial: Apothecary
  • Sallow Gall : Cultivation
  • Clean Tin Watering Can: Cultivation
  • Withered Peat : Cultivation
  • Coins

There are only two Public Quests in Chapter Three of Mt. Bloodhorn, so after you've completed them, you're ready to move onto Chap 4.



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