BlizzCon 2008: The Art of World of Warcraft

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In an industry where art styles are key, the artists behind the World of Warcraft have made almost everyone else in the industry look like amateurs. With a theme that is almost ageless, it came as no surprise that the Art of World of Warcraft panel was one of the most popular at BlizzCon '08. Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller was in attendance, and his sheer enthusiasm at the presentation is clearly evident. Interested in learning more? Read the rest of his article!

First we heard from the Environment team and watched how they plot out the new zones for Wrath of the Lich King. The map is always the starting point which eventually grows into the zones we explore. Once they have a general feel for how the zone looks they begin adding in terrain features to give it some life. When the team has this map in place they hand it over to the concept artists.

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