New Login-Protected Feature: Player Calendar

Posted Mon, Oct 20, 2008 by Messiah

Blizzard has made some more information available on the player calendar feature, including information on how to log into it from the armory! This is a very nice feature that will allow many people to stay up to date on guild events even when they are not in the game.

The Armory now supports the new Player Calendar, one of the new features added to the game in patch 3.0.2: Echoes of Doom. The Player Calendar allows players to create their own events such as raids, arena matches, and guild meetings, and keep track of the many activities in the worlds of Azeroth and Outland.

Every player can access their calendar from the Armory via the new “Calendar” tab that has been added to character profiles. You can browse your calendar in the same way that you can in-game. In addition, you can respond to events through the Armory’s calendar interface – which will then become effective in-game.

Like guild banks, player calendars are a login-protected feature. Before you can access your calendar you will be taken to a separate login screen, similar to the one that displays when attempting to access Account Management. Enter your World of Warcraft account name and password in the fields to access the calendars of the characters on your account. In addition, several changes have been made to the Armory Login process, including the ability to pin multiple character profiles.

For more information on the Armory’s Player Calendar, refer to our features list or the Armory Calendar FAQ. For more information on the new Armory login, refer to the Armory Login FAQ.

You can find all the links on Blizzards site here.

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