Star Wars: The Old Republic - A New Hope for Star Wars Fans

Posted Tue, Oct 21, 2008 by B. de la Durantaye

With the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic MMOG under development by Bioware just minutes ago, Cody Bye takes a look at previous Star Wars games and what this new title may mean for Star Wars fans. The intellectual property alone has huge potential, and offers fans a New Hope.

Hope is far from lost for the Star Wars license in the MMOG marketplace. Officially announced only a few minutes ago, LucasArts has opted to give the Star Wars franchise another attempt in the MMOG space, and this time they’ve set their sites squarely in an era of Star Wars that is much more conducive to a popular player experience. The new MMO, which is titled Star Wars: The Old Republic, takes place thousands of years before Star Wars: Episode I and has the potential to harbor thousands of Jedi and Sith per server

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