WoW: Training Exotic Pets as a Beastmaster Hunter

Posted Tue, Oct 21, 2008 by Messiah

How to get your own Core Hound

With the changes that came to World of Warcraft character classes with Patch 3.0.2, Beastmaster Hunters were granted access to a wider range of creatures as pets.  These new pets are called exotic pets and can come in various sizes and shapes.  They range from lowly worms, through gigantic devilsaurs, to flying chimeras, to the insect-like Silithids and many more. The ones that everyone really wants to get as pets though are the devilsaur and a core hound.  That’s where Byron "Messiah" Mudry comes in with this guide to help you get that hunter pet that looks cool and will help you blend in with all the other beastmaster hunters. After all you can’t keep that cat anymore now that you can have something bigger, can you?

The first thing to figure out once you decide that you want a core hound is which one.  There are currently three core hound models in the game.  There is the original core hound that we all know and hate from the Molten Core.  You know the ones that always snuck up on a group of 40 raiders and wiped you while learning the Molten Core raid way back at level 60.  However there is also a glowing green horned version called Uvuros in Shadowmoon Valley, and a white wolf/dog version called Kurken available from the Draenai starting area. 

You can find all the details in the new guide to Training Exotic Pets as a Beastmaster Hunter.

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