Barber Shop Hairstyles (Part 1) - Tauren, Troll and Blood Elf

Posted Fri, Oct 24, 2008 by DarkFact

New Hairstyle Time!

World of Warcraft's newest addition, the Barber Shop, has had quite a few customers since Patch 3.0.2 went live. Are you wondering about the different types of hairstyles available to your race? With this newest guide, we will go over all the hairstyles available for all races. To begin our guide, we will go over the Troll, Tauren and Blood Elf hairstyles available.


Blood Elf Hairstyles

Blood Elf Male Hairstyles:

  • Falcon, Parted Long, Spiked, Foxtail
  • Long Bangs, Slicked, Headband, Topknot
  • Mane, Chromage Braids, Tail, Windswept
  • Chromage Long, Flipped, Swept Feathered Part

Blood Elf Female Hairstyles:

  • Boar Tails, Bangs, High Tail, Parted Long, Soaked, Trouble
  • Jeweled Band, Full, Tied, Bun, Parted Short, Simple
  • Shy, Raquel, Curled, Headband, Styled, Elaborate


Troll Hairstyles

Troll Male Hairstyles:

  • Windswept, Topknot, Tail, Braids
  • Plume, Scruffy, Mohawk, Bald
  • Receding

Troll Female Hairstyles:

  • Mota, Fauxhawk, Braids, High Tail, Swept Braids
  • Mohawk, Braided Crest, Topknot, Sheared, Wrapped Braid

Tauren Hornstyles

Male Tauren Horn Styles (Top to Bottom)

  • Gorefest, Tipped, Curled, Capped, Lyre, Ringed
  • Longhorn, Bull, Charger, Broken, Snapped, Tiny

Female Tauren Horn Styles

  • Horned, Low, Long, Upturned
  • Small, Wide, Buffalo, Charger
  • Snapped, Gougers, Close, Stubs

Stay tuned for more updates for all the available races, both Horde and Alliance!

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