WAR: High Elf Public Quests: Chapter 3

hepq3 High Elf Public Quests: Chapter 3
hepq3 High Elf Public Quests: Chapter 3

"The Dark Elves are seeking the Sword of Khaine, What other answer can there be, sister?"

Liraenor's eyes blazed defiantly as she waited for Morithwen to answer.

"I cannot agree with you, Liraenor. Do not forget Mage Kyrinn's revelation that the Dark Elves are following the ley lines to the south. They are seeking something, something they cannot find without aid. They know where the Sword is, as do we all. If they intended to claim the Sword of Khaine, why not take a more direct road?"

Liraenor's voice rose, her frustration clear. "We are being played for fools! The Dark Elves are seeking nothing! They are misleading us to divert our attention away from the Sword of Khaine. They wish us to be consumed with doubt and mired by inaction, that their task will be all the easier. We must move swiftly and decisively, or we are doomed!"

"And what if the move toward the Altar of Khaine is in fact the deception? Can you say with certainty that is not what is happening here?"

For a long moment, none of the assembled High Elves spoke. They dared not intervene in what had become a very personal argument between their two leaders. They knew that in time, the two sisters would reconcile their points of view and a more rational mood would prevail. They knew, because they witnessed this scene several times already.

Morithwen Nightwhisper had once been a Shadow Warrior, as had all her family before her. When she left to join the Shining Guard, Liraenor had resented her for it. Like many High Elves of her young age she had great skill at arms, but had not yet fully mastered the art of self-discipline. Despite her inexperience, she had been elevated to the position of Shadow-walker, and now commanded her own regiment.

Morithwen spoke more softly now. "I council patience, sister. The Dark Elves make for the Plain of Bone, and we must not allow them to claim the Sword of Khaine. Meanwhile, others of their kind continue to venture south, to what purpose we do not know. Only by standing together can we overcome these dangers."

Liraenor nodded slowly. Her older sister's words rang true, and she forced her mind to be calm, and her pride to abate.

"For my hard words, I offer my apologies, Morithwen. I pledge that I will take no action without first consulting you so that we may choose the best course of action together."

Morithwen smiled and took her sister's hands in her own. "These are dangerous times, and we will be tested. We must not lose those precious qualities that set us apart from, and above, our exiled kin. We must cling to discipline, patience and wisdom now more than ever."

Chapter 3: Sisters In Arms

Rally Master: Morithewen Nightwhisper at Blightsward camp in Chrace

Influence Rewards:
-Basic: Various Potions
-Advanced: Body Piece or Weapon
-Elite: Green Gloves or Belt

Ruins of Erraneth

Location: Southeastern Island in the Blighted Isle

Stage I: Kill 30 Bloodfueled Devotees and 20 Bloodfueled Witches. These rank 7 Dark Elves are spread all throughout the ruins in this area. Devotees wander all over, while Witches will be found around the several large cauldrons..

Stage II: Kill 5 Bloodfueled Hags - 10 Minutes. The Cauldrons scattered around the ruins are where the rank 7 Champion Hags will be found. Left over Witches and Devotees will be there as well, so be careful when you pull.

Stage III: Kill Lilith Avorax - 10 Minutes. Lilith is a rank 7 Hero, but is wandering by herself. You'll catch her in the southernmost area of the ruins, right where the treasure box icon shows on the map. Like all the other mobs in this PQ, she is a Witch Elf with the appropriate abilities. Watch for adds from wandering mobs, but otherwise this is a fairly straight forward fight.

Shattered Beach

Can You Spot the Bright Wizard?

Location: Northeast Chrace, around the Blightsward camp.

Stage I: Kill 75 Orcs and 25 Corsairs. Orcs of all different makes and models litter the beach, from the ships at the ocean up to the boundaries of the High Elf Camp. There are always pleny to kill, and you won't need to venture far from the camp. The Corsairs (Dark Elf Disciples of Khaine), however, are hiding way in the back near the ocean, and on the ship. As you move towards the ship area, avoid going in the Greenskin structure on the left; a Hero Orc waits inside.

Stage II: Protect the Eagle Claws. The 3 Bolt Throwers at the camp's border must be protected from being completely destroyed. This part of the PQ is nearly impossible for players of the appropriate levels, and it will require a group at the very least. Waves and waves of orcs and Dark Elves assault the Eagle Claws, trying to destroy them. The best strategy here is to have all team members concentrate on one area, as the stage will advance as long as at least one of the 3 Claws survives. AOEs are a huge help here, as they will pull all mobs off the Claw. Defend the Claws through to the end of the timer to advance.

Stage III: Kill Verekus the Render - 10 Minutes. Verekus is one scary rank 7 Hero, and as a self healling Disciple of Khaine, a huge pain in the rear. He also comes with several regular Corsairs and Champion Reavers, all healers themselves. You'll find Verekus back near the ship. You may be able to pull him from among the other DoKs, as they don't seem to be linked to each other. This guy is a tough, tough fight, so don't waste any of your alloted 10 minutes here; get started right away.


Location: South of Blightsward in Chrace, at the Yenlui castle

Stage I: Kill 50 Uthorin Thralltakers. Thralltakers (slavers, essentially) are found all over the Yenlui area. You and your group can run all around here to kill the 50 you need. As you travel, take note of the 2 prison cages and their locations, as you will need them in Stage II.

Stage II: Free 10 Captives, Keep At Least 5 Alive - 15 Minutes. There are 2 prison cages in the area. The first one in the southwest area, up the hill. You need to take out the Keymaster and friends, at which point the gate will automatically open. Then, a bunch of Harpies will fly in and attempt to kill the prisoners before they can escape. Kill the Harpies to and follow the prisoners out to the west, where they escape and despawn.

Next, travel to the northeast to the second prison. Again, defeat the Keymaster and friends to open the gate. As the prisoners begin to run south, and squad of Thrallmasters will run in to attack. An AOE or two will grab the whole group at once, so they will stop attacking the prisoners. Defeat the squad, and follow the prisoners as they run out to safety.

Stage III: Kill Vrecht the Merciless. Vrecht comes running up the path toward the altar area, but you can catch him on the path before he finds friends to assist him. He is a
rank 7 Hero, and a standar tank type mob, possibly an early preview of the Dark Elf Blackguard (coming to Warhammer Online in December '08). He hits quite hard, but without any Disciple of Khaine friends to heal him, he will go down quickly under the rain of your group's DPS. Take him out, and the chest will pop on the altar area.

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