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AoC: Clan Soup Interview - Know Thyself

Posted Wed, Oct 29, 2008 by Savanja

Have you got the Age of Conan low server population blues? We have the solution to your lonely woes and it is as easy as clicking this link and checking out our Clan Soup guild interview with Know Thyself!

Based on the Cimmeria server, this hardcore guild is striving to be the very best and they are happy to take like-minded players into the fold. Read the clan interview and find out if this group of fun and dedicated players are the answer to your player problems!

Savanja: Many guilds often hold events and other activities for their members. Is this something Know Thyself engages in?

Gorbin: Know Thyself schedules everything we do. From epic PvE 24 man Raids, to 48 man Battlekeep Sieging, to role-play Tavern events that attracts several guilds together, we have a little bit of something for everyone. A simple jousting competition where we'll be in our Tier 3 guild city, 2 members will run past each other, and after a pass on horseback, the one left on horse wins. Its simple, but very fun. (Armored horses are definitely a plus!)

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