Exclusive Q&A with CCP's CEO on Iceland's Economic Crisis and FanFest '08

CCP in the Land of Fire and Crisis

CCP in the Land of Fire and Crisis

Iceland made world news several weeks ago when its fledgling banking system became one of the first casualties of the recent economic downturn. The land of fire and ice is home to CCP, makers of EVE Online, and Ten Ton Hammer caught up to CEO Hilmar P├ętursson to find out what sort of impact this news had on CCP's plans and Fan Fest 2008 in Reykjavik, which is just over a week away.

From P├ętursson: "Companies like CCP - now that there are lots of clever people coming out of the financial institutions - are definitely the solution to the crisis within the country. Companies like ours have their revenue abroad and then employ people in Iceland, so it's a positive effect on the import / export ratio. Any nation is looking for companies like CCP with a global revenue base and local cost base."

Read the exclusive "CCP in the Land of Fire and Crisis" interview at Ten Ton Hammer.

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