WAR: Empire Public Quests Chapter 3

emppq3 empirepq3 Empire Public Quests: Chapter 3
emppq3 empirepq3 Empire Public Quests: Chapter 3


The thunderous roar of a dozen Imperial cannons briefly drowned out the clash of weapons and the cries of the wounded that echoed from the tall cliff walls nearby. On the far side of the fishing village of New Emskrank, blasts of sand erupted where the cannonballs struck, sending several Chaos warriors, or pieces of them, careening through the air. Within moments, the gaps in the enemy line were filled as more of the black-clad northmen surged forward.

General Breuer frowned. There were simply too many of the enemy. His men could fight a holding action at best, but for how long?

The General turned his eyes to the village below. New Emskrank was little more than an impoverished fishing village, though there were many larger buildings that lay empty, a tribute to a failed attempt to transform the town into a major port. It seemed strange that this strategically insignificant ghost town would be the site of the first battle between the main force of the Nordland army and the warhost from the north.

The battle for New Emskrank had raged for days now, with neither side being able to claim a hold on the village or the lands around it. The Nordlanders had fought gallantly, but with each day, more warriors from the black host arrived. They spilled forth onto the beaches from great longboats of dark wood, then charged into the fray, howling and screaming. So eagerly and recklessly did they hurl themselves into the battle, they seemed less like men and more like a pack of starved wolves seeing their first meal in days.

To his left, the General spied a column of peasants marching toward the village. They were a sorry-looking lot – most were clad in tattered clothes and ill-fitting pieces of armor, and only half had managed to find battered shields and rusted swords. The rest carried improvised weapons ranging from farm tools to clubs fashioned from tree limbs. If these were the best reinforcements he was going to get, it would be a very long day indeed.

Chapter 3: The Battle of New Emskrank

Rally Master: General Breuer at Arnholdt's Company War Camp in Nordland

Influence Rewards:
-Basic: Various Potions
-Advanced: Belt or Boots
-Elite: Green Weapon or Body Piece

Faewulf's Rest

Just off the road in the woods, southeast of the War Camp in Nordland

Stage I: Gather 20 Ancient Stones. The stones rest on the ground in a circular area surrounding the central stone sentinels. Watch out for the boars and hounds in the area as you run to gather these, and don't accidentally wander in to the nearby camp of ravagers. Each stone is worth 100 influence, so be sure everyone in your group has a chance to pick up an equal number.

Stage II: Destroy 8 Summoning Stones - 10 Minutes. The inner circle contains 8 stone altars that will spew Horrors and Champion Flamers. The stones can be attacked at range, but the attached mobs will aggro and run for you. Destroying each altar will halt further summoned creatures from spawning. Moving as a group here is key; let your ranged attacks kill the stone while the melee players take the Manifestations down.

Stage III: Kill Sinikar - 10 Minutes. Sinikar is a rank 9 Hero, an evil Magus that loves to summon his unnatural friends. He spawns in the center of the circle, under the giant fallen stone sentinel. Every few seconds of the fight, he summons several Horrors that come bounding in to take your group out, so be prepared to have someone grab the adds. Do not let Sinikar be pulled too far from the center of the circle, or he will reset to full health. The final chest will pop near the fallen stone in the center of the circle.

The Webworks

Location: Southeast of the War Camp in Nordland, past the lake and at a cave inside the mountains.

Stage I: Kill 35 Stalker Venomfangs and 55 Stalker Spiders. This PQ is all about the spiders. While both types of spiders are found both inside and outside the cave, as a general rule the Venomfangs are mostly inside while the Spiders are outside. The rank 7-8 spiders have a nasty poison DoT, so make sure the healers are actively watching each group member to keep them from going down. The PQ's range for the outside kills is fairly large, giving you plenty of space inside and out to reach your kill count.

Stage II: Free 20 Cocooned Citizens - 10 Minutes. This stage and the next are exclusively inside the cave. Many unlucky Emskrank citizens have been taken by the spiders, and you need to tear those cocoons open to set them free. The white cocoon bundles are all throughout the cave system, guarded by a few rank 7 Champion Stalker Spinners. Each cocoon is worth 100 influence, so be sure to share these among the group members. Head towards the rear of the caves as you near your 20 count, as the final fight begins back there.

Stage III: Kill the Devourer - 10 Minutes. In the back cavern, the giant spider Devourer (Hero) spawns with 2 large Stalker Fanglord (Champion) friends. Don't be fooled, though, as Devourer has a few tricks. Throughout the fight, tiny spiderlings will spawn. While of a low rank, they are hard to notice and can cause quite a bit of damage to the unsuspecting group. Have AoEs handy to take these guys down when they appear. The Devourer's friends and spiderlings will not despawn if he dies, so it's best to kill the lower mobs off first, and focus on the boss. When complete, the chest will drop back at the entrance of this rear cavern.

Pillager's Approach

Location: Just off the main road, northeast of the War Camp in Nordland.

Stage I: Kill 10 Cruel Overseers and 50 Murderous Raiders. This small camp has been taken over by the evil Chaos raiders, with the bodies of brave Empire soldiers littering the ground. In this first stage, you need to clear the camp of the rank 7 Raiders, and their rank 8 Overseers. A few of the enemy will spawn outside the wooden walls, but most will be found inside the camp and in the tents. Watch for adds here, as there are many enemies with fairly quick respawns.

Stage II: Save 15 Militia Corpses - 10 Minutes. This stage is a little more difficult than it appears at first glance. Those Empire corpses littering the ground become active, and it's your job to save 15 of them before the enemy Zealots can offer them up to their Dark Gods. The PQ tracker will have a running count of how many your group rescues, and how many have been claimed by the enemy.

Split your group into 2 teams; set one team at the northern break in the wall, and the other at the southern entrance. The first group of rank 7 Champion Zealots will come in from the north and begin to do who-knows-what to the bodies found there. You need to interrupt and aggro the Murderous Ritualists before they can get credit for a corpse claim. Shortly after the northern group appears, more Champions will enter from the south, and then even more will spawn throughout the camp. While your two teams are keeping the Zealots aggroed, have one or 2 people running around and gathering your 15 corpses to advance to Stage III.

Stage III: Kill Lorok the Heartless - 10 Minutes. Many Writhing Tentacles (have you seen the movie Tremors??) will appear throughout the camp, all at the same time. To avoid all the extra aggro, have your entire group move to the northern entrance before Stage III begins, and stay tight together. Lorok is a rank 7 Hero, and appears to be a Chaos Chosen
. He comes alone, except for the ground worms in the camp, and any leftover Ritualists from the previous stage. Kill Lorok with lots of damage, and watch your group for any random adds that aggro to the team. After Lorok goes down, the PQ chest will spawn near the center of the camp.

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